Jan Gardiner (now Telford)  13/02/17
BCAL 1982 onwards. Gatwick - Check-in, Airlink and Ticket desk. Loved every minute of it. A fabulous airline with great people. It was a sad day when it went.

Alan Gardner  07/10/18
Sadly we have learnt that Alan passed away on the 5th October. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Alan attended the BUA / Morton reunion just a week earlier, and though ill Alan had caught up with many of his friends and colleagues at the reunion. Alan's service was held on 15th November in Exeter, with a Life Celebration in Sussex on 22nd November; details and remembrance messages here Alan Remembered

Sharon Gardner
(nee Looney).
I joined in 1985, Ab Initio 13. Remained flying Longhaul out of Gatwick until 1991, obviously for British Airways after the merger. Went over to LHR Shorthaul for a year, and then left to start a family. I am presently living in Canada.

Tony Gargano
Hello from Luigi....Married the lovely Diane in my second year with BCAL cabin staff (1974), left in 78 to do a "proper job" and start a family. We stopped at 1 - Dean (Dino-get it?) who is now 25 married to Elizabeth and living in Bristol, both having gained degrees at Bath uni. Where they met. They have been politely warned not to make me a granddad before I reach 60, not quite there yet.  After 8 years of doting fatherhood the lovely Diane asked me to move on, probably because I had forgotten I should still also be a loving husband. I'm still doing the same proper job which has been sales/management with a vending company based in Crawley, covering the south east, mainly Heathrow area now. Still living in Hove Actually, still single, still straight and still gorgeous. O K. I lied about the last bit! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me Ciao Luigi aka Tony G.

Keith Gascoigne   19/07/13
Great to recognise so many names but sad to see so many ex-colleagues passing on. From 1969, was with (BUA) accounts/Traffic Services (Roy Pernet!) / Sales / Overseas (Tripoli/Kitwe/Accra) / then Cargo (David Brooksbank - great man).  There are accolades for BCal in the current business travellers forums - even after 25 years!  Well deserved, as we all know! What a wonderful airline, with wonderful people. Has there been anything like it since?

Denny Gaskell
(Potts) Simply the best years of my life- LGW Cabin Crew

Dennis Gauthier 
Like your site I worked for Caledonian at the old beehive 1970 and moved across to Mortons hangar seat shop until I left to join Pacific Western in Canada 1975. I have been looking for any info on a Jim Pugh who now lives in Smallfield also Allen Thaxer.

Anthony (Tony) Gaydon   07/03/15
Tony passed away peacefully in Comox, B.C., on January 9th, 2013. He was predeceased by his wife Linda.  He lived his life to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it. Private family gathering. Tony was a long time friend of this website, and has 2 galleries in Your Photos from his time down route in Africa.  Tony was an interesting character and loved his old guns and old motorbikes and latterly he had a 1920s steam car in Vancouver recalls Alan Reeves

Andy Geary Stevens
Super'Cally'fragilisticexpialidocious!! What a great way to be reminded of a great airline, old friends and events. I joined Caledonian in 69 and spent the best years of my life in the company of airline colleagues at Gatwick, in Europe, USA, West, East and Central Africa. It was a sad day when BCAL stopped flying and sadder still when Adam Thomson and Alan Stronach passed away - almost as though someone was trying to close the history book. But it doesn't end that way. People and memories live on and I look back in gratitude at the good times I had. I moved across to British Airways and stayed overseas with them in Holland, Belgium, Spain (back to Nigeria again for my sins), Egypt and finally the Lebanon. The crowds are demonstrating outside the office and the scud missiles are being fired across the border, but I still enjoy every minute and wouldn't have changed anything. Great site Dave !

Biddi Geoghegan 
Joined Caledonian at LGW in 1969 and flew on the `Whispering Giants`, 1-11s, VC10s, 707s, DC10s transferred to the Clansman Lounge at LGW in the 80's and left in 1986/7 when I took the handout and moved to Cornwall - those 17 years with Cale were the best years of my life.  Love the site, the crew room notices, the memorabilia etc. Does anyone remember me?

Glyn Genin 05/10/19
Sadly Glyn passed away on 5th October 2019 at the St Peter and St James Hospice, North Chailey, after losing his brave fight against cancer. His wife Hilary and son Chris were with him when he passed.  My sincere condolences go out to Glyn's family, friends and all those that knew him through his airline photography. Glyn's service was held on 8th November, remembrances here. Glyn Remembered

David Gerrard  01/01/17   (email is via David's son Stuart)
Started working for BCAL in 1974 as a Flight Engineer on Boeing 707`s having started with Lux Air, moved on to the DC-10 in 1979 and continued through the take over by British Airways until retirement. Now enjoying a relaxing time but still regularly visiting different parts of the world.

Graham Gibbs  27/12/13
Sadly Graham, a flight engineer with BCAL and BA, passed away on 23rd December 2013. Our sincere condolences go out to Graham's family, friends and former colleagues. Graham was a 747-200 Flight Engineer from 1987 and served on that aircraft until it's withdrawal from service in the early part of the 2000s (BA). Previously Graham had been a member of the DC10 and B707 fleets. Graham's service took place on 13th January 2014. Graham Remembered

Karen Gibbs nee Banfield (now Strawson) - Cabin Crew   08/07/15
The BCAL years were just amazing. We were so blessed to to belong to such a privileged Flying Club. Friendships formed and wonderful adventures shared. Thank you to all for keeping the memory alive.

Carole Gibson   23/05/15
Sadly Carole has passed away. Carole worked at LGW as a CSD for BCal. Our sincere condolences go out to Carole's family, friends and former colleagues. Carole Remembered.

Tim Gibson
How great to see so many familiar names. I joined the original Caledonian Airways as a Duty Officer in 1978 and in September 1970 went off to become one of Alan Stronach's lads in JFK - when the Britannia still made it across the pond from time to time, hotly followed by all those 707's. We all were dumped when the sked services stopped on Oct 31st 1974 (well they started on April Fools Day 1973, with both a/c diverting due JFK wx - we should have known .... Then I went to SAA in JFK as Assistant Station Manager ... still with the 707 ! ... that built from three 707's a week to five 747's and was just about to go daily when the sanctions axe fell, so no more planes. I survived 2 years in res in the city (first time I ever had a 9-5 job ..AWFUL !!), then got hunted down by Air Europe to head up ground ops USA (all those 757's bombing into MCO) and the promise of MD11's on sked services, so that went belly up even faster than BCAL's first time in JFK... Had a spell with UA in crew management - hated it - TOO big a company and based in the midwest, with that sort of thinking .. could hardly be further away from the CA/BR way of doing things... Now I ride as a FULL REV Pax around the world setting up itins for luxury tour operator TCS Expeditions -- look at the website travel@tcs-expeditions.com if u want to see the opposite end of the market from Club18-30 LGW IBZ on a Tuesday midnight. I would be happy to hear from anyone out there who remembers those very good old days - I wish we had known then how lucky we were !

Brian Gladman   25/01/14     
Sadly Brian, a former BCal Engineer, passed away on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 at his nursing home in Balcombe.  Brian had Vascular Dementia & deteriorated rapidly in the last year and was only 70 years old. My sincere condolences go out to Brian's family, friends and former colleagues. Brian initially worked for BUA - starting there in 1965, then on into BCAL & BA last of all. Aviation was Brian's life & he loved his job & his family.  Brian's service was held on the 5th Febuary 2014 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.

Peter Goddard   25/07/15  Those were the days: BCal 1979-1984 Vamonos British Caledonian!

Reg Goddard 03/09/17
Sadly Reg passed away in late August 2017. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Jo, family, friends and former colleagues. Reg was well known and respected as BCAL Sales Manager in Scotland. Reg's service was held on 8th September at Maryhill Crematorium in Glasgow.

Stuart Goddard 02/01/19
Stuart passed away peacefully on 26th December 2018. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Stuart joined Caledonian Airways in 1969 in the crewing department, later leaving to join BUA in February 1970 only to return to the fold again in 1971 when BCal was formed.  He is remembered well by friend and colleague Tony (Fella) Roberts. Stuart Remembered

Louis Goessen
Based in Amsterdam again after 8 years working in the CIS as an Aviation Consultant. BCAL, the best Airline EVER, and the best group of people I have ever worked with, GREAT SITE !!!  Asking if someone knows the location, or contact of an old BCAL hostie friend of mine called Mary Lambie. She used to live in Brighton and flew mostly long haul. Many thanks for the help.

Sally Golds (now Heron)  16/08/16
I’m thrilled to find I have a place to go to find former BCAL friends from the 70's. I joined Caledonian/BUA as cabin crew in early 1970 along with Marilyn Sewell (now Little and living in SA) with whom I'm still in touch - we were trained by Shirley Bell who was a lot of fun. What a great era to be flying - I was on VC10s, BAC 1/11s, 747 (remember the old Aer Lingus 747 G-BDPZ) and finally the DC10 before leaving to live in Oz in 1979. So many memories - so many people who became friends: Maureen Hancock who I initially shared digs with in Crawley, Frankie Farrell, Heather Mories (still a good friend and living in Kenya), Di Denby and Norman Speary.  Then there was the lovely Dr. Chapman, Robin Brodie James, Capt. on the 1/11 200s, F/O Tony Cutting from Crowborough who gave me the occasional game of squash......Pauline Spooner who Marilyn and I shared a house with.......what about those fun days at the Norfolk in Nairobi - it seemed like my second home for many years....and the 4 hours on to the Seychelles.  I married and moved to Australia in 1979.

2016  A couple of years ago I caught up with John Fairclough for lunch here in Noosa and we shared many memories of happy flying days on the 200s. I have recently moved to the coast from the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and welcome any old BCAL friends to make contact.

Steve Gooch
Decided to look up site after having a nostalgic moment here at SFO. Just departed Philippine Airlines B747-200-C8850, better known to ex-BCALites as G-GLYN. A/C now on it's way to sunny Arizona to languish in the desert! Any offers!! This is 3rd (If I'm wrong please correct me) ex-BCAL aircraft of theirs to have gone thru here in the last week. I missed the s/nos for the other 2 so not sure which. Funnily enough the Capt who took last one out also picked it up from the UK. Any Engineering apprentices from year '77 hello. Still miss those fun days!!

Les Goodchild 10/02/22
Sadly Les passed away on January 18th 2022 aged 74, after a battle with cancer. Les worked for BUA then BCal from 1968 to 1971 as a Ship's Papers Officer. His service was on Monday 14th February. Les Remembered

Les Goodfellow (Captain) 12/04/18
It is with sadness we hear that Les passed away, aged 92, on 11th April 2018, our condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Les joined Caledonian Airways in October 1965 as a Captain flying Britannia's initially, he would become the Britannia Fleet Manager. He stayed with the airline and rose in seniority into the top ten of BCal's pilots. He joined the DC10 fleet and would command one of BCal's last flights in South America in March 1982.

From Bill Newman "I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Captain Les Goodfellow. I first met Les when I was a young F/O on the DC10 in the late 1970's and we flew together on several flights to South America and Houston. I will always remember his kindness and support. A very quiet and unassuming man who always had the interest of his crew at heart. In particular I remember a South America trip when he was so kind to my wife who accompanied me. A very  genuine and decent man. I do regret losing contact on his retirement. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. RIP Les."

Barry Goodliffe 04/11/20
Sadly Barry passed away on 30th September 2020. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Barry had worked for BCAL from 1977 until the merger with BA. His first role at BCAL was as maintenance supervisor at Gatwick and later holding more senior maintenance roles. Barry Remembered

Charles Goodrich
I left BCAL marketing after 16 years, first spending 8 years with Gulf Air in Asia. Lost contact with many BCAL friends after BA Speedwing sent me to deepest Africa for 3 years, first Malawi and most recently in Nairobi where I was CEO of BA's latest franchise airline Regional Air, but I am now UK based. My last BR stations were Riyadh, Dubai and Houston!

Paul Goodwin  02/03/21 Joined the BCAL DP department in 1982 before moving to the Planning division.

Fred and Jean Gorman (nee Goudie) 01/06/14
With Caledonian from 1965 until 1975 as Cabin Crew. Jean and I are still married after 40 years.
Jean later worked with Mappin & Webb at Terminal 5 LHR but is now retired. I have worked in Kazakhstan till recently. However, still working but now only consultancy with Somon Air in Tajekistan. Cannot keep the “Old Caledonian” staff from retirement.

Larry Gorton 04/04/17
Sadly Larry, who was BCAL’s General Manager for Germany / Austria, has passed away. Our sincere condolences go out to Larry's family, friends and former colleagues. Larry was one of the attendees at the big reunion held at Stanhill Court in 2010.

Dave Gould 21/06/15
Lovely memories, started with BCAL 5.8.74 and stayed until the takeover. Met my wife who worked in Cargo with me for a time. Now work in Dubai, several other ex BCAL out here as well. Although have been in Air cargo all my working life have never experienced the same feelings that I had when working for BCAL

John Gould 14/05/18
I worked at PIK 1968-72 during summer and winter university holidays. Started as Baggage Boy in ’68 (thanks Hugh Cowan for the intro.) and was Asst. Duty officer by ’72. I remember the posters ‘We’re out to build this airline" on the office walls, lots of loadsheets, chinagraph pencils and the dreaded ‘Banda’ machine (and possibly the noisiest teleprinter in the world). A fantastic working atmosphere, airline discos and the flying jollies in Brits and 707s to the continent and even to Australia (courtesy of Qantas and a lot of help by Bill Cumming, the PIK Station manager - a great guy). Can’t remember too many names now;  Pete Ramage, Bill Mason, Neil Hair, Bill Dunlop, Anne Mason, Alec Boyd etc. Some of the happiest days of my life. I left in 1972 and went on to work in Telly (BBC then ITV) for most of the rest of my working life. Now retired but I’d happily nip down to the office at Prestwick to do a shift....But these days please not as the baggage boy!

Yolanda Gouveia 20/05/20
I joined BCAL in September 1977, with BA until 2017. Miss the old days, hard working days and nights, but we had fun, do you remember me ?

Russ Gowen 04/11/16
The memories are flooding back. Reading all the pages from this fantastic site. All the names of some great people I had the pleasure to fly with. I was one of the first of the new breed of "superchiefs". A name "invented" by Ian Gardiner, and I operated the very first flight from Long Beach Calif; into GLA then LGW. on the DC10. As we were all new to the aircraft the meal service took hours. I did many inaugural flights on board this fine aircraft. I spent wonderful 19 years with cally, and met some truly great people both on the ground and in the air. My thanks must go to Colin Williams, (manager cabin crew) who gave me the job as a lowly junior steward in the first place. Some great names have come up on your site - Dave Pepp, Mark Whiting, Avril Milne (g'day av) Ann Westlake, Alan Locke. Mo Abel. Miss everyone. BCAL was an institution, a family, as well as the best airline in the world. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Captain Dave Graham  19/06/19
Sadly Dave passed away, aged 79, on Saturday 15th June 2019. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Thank you to Liz & Malcolm Cutter, and to Eddie Lord for passing on the message. Dave's service was held on 5th July. Dave Remembered.

Maggie Graham  28/09/17
Sadly Maggie passed away, aged just 67, on 20th September 2017, my sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Maggie's service was held on Friday 29th September at Thornton Crematorium in Liverpool.

Maggie's original crewroom entry: I flew with BCAL from 1969 to 1973 when I left to get married. My claim to fame is I was the youngest stewardess to ever been employed by Cally! I was only 19 then. Where have the years gone to!

Christine Grant
(nee Hunt) 22/02/21  Joined BCAL in 1976 as Cabin Crew on 1-11s and 707s, and left British Airways as a Purser in May 1998.

John Grant
Sadly John passed away early on Wednesday 17th November 2010 after a lengthy illness. He was 81, and died at his home in Furnace Green Crawley. John started his aviation career at Croydon Airport with Transair, moved to Gatwick with the formation of BUA, and eventually took early retirement from BCAL as Manager Ground Handling Contracts. He is survived by his wife Di, three daughters and a son.  John's service was held on Friday 3rd December 2010. John Remembered

Mackenzie Grant 28/02/22
Sadly Mackenzie passed away on 25th February 2022, our condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this time. Mackenzie was well respected and much liked VP West Coast USA based in LA. Mackenzie Remembered

Peter Grant
Peter flew the 1-11, 707, DC10 and 747. After the merger, 747-400 and retired as Captain on the 757/767. Before DHL 757, Silverjet 767 and finished up flying captain on Titan Airways 757 / 767 before retiring professionally in 2010.

Jane Gray (Allison)
Great to see BCAL colours. I was Ticket Desk LGW from '71 to '79. Miss it all-but not the "earlies". Love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I married Derek (Dolly) Gray, ground engineer, he's ex-Cally and Cale//BUA

Susan Gregory (nee Hubbard) 12/08/20
Sadly we have heard that Susan recently passed away on 2nd August 2020. She passed peacefully in hospital in Nottingham. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Sue appeared in some iconic BCal advertising, this is shown on her page. Sue Remembered

Janis Greig (now Roozpeikar) 
I was a Hostie with BCAL from 1979-1986. I also worked in the Edinburgh Town Office, George Street, in 1974 doing ticketing and reservations, wearing the uniform but being paid by G.G.N. Travel with whom we shared the agency. I remember being sent down for a reservations course to Gatwick and staying at the Copthorne Hotel I was only 16 or 17 at the time and green as the grass…..I was told not to tell anyone my age. I was then made redundant and I went to Italy to learn Italian and do a bit of traveling. BCAL then took over the agency and I worked in general travel I think from 1976-1979 no longer in uniform but employed by BCAL. I married in 1986 and I have a son Jordan 22 (at the time of writing this). I live in Hampstead London and work 2 days a week for a family friend in the jewellery business in Knightsbridge which is great fun.

Bob Green
I joined in 1983 after a brief spell of unemployment in Worthing. I was as green as my name. After 8 years in the Fire Service I knew nowt about airports and airlines but a little about aircraft. One of my first interview questions was did I know where BCAL flew to and what aircraft BCAL had? Not a clue! How on earth Val Cutler and Vanda gave me a job in passenger services I'll never know but when I started my learning curve was vertical (and still is) Thanks to Chris Mcarthy and Adrian Milner and many many more I stayed and became one of the family. A proud family who always went down to welcome the new 747 or Airbus on first arrival at Gatwick and generally felt like one big family. A feeling sadly missing in today's BA. I'm in Dispatch now much to my surprise and enjoying playing with the aircraft but miss the pride we all had with BCAL. Having said that , this site is a wonderful tribute to Sir Adam and it proves the pride is still there. Regards and best wishes to all.

George Edward " Ted" Green 22/05/21
Sadly Ted passed away on Friday 14th May 2021 in East Surrey Hospital, he was 99 years old. Ted was an Avionics Supervisor in BCal Engineering based at Gatwick. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Jim Greengrass  25/07/13
Sadly Jim passed away on Monday 22nd July 2013. Our sincerest condolences go out to Jim's family, friends and former colleagues. Jim's service was held on 30th July. Jim carried out his basic engineer training in the Fleet Air Arm. Subsequently he joined Field Aircraft Services as a ground engineer at Heathrow.  In 1960 he passed his Flight Engineers "O" licence endorsed for the Douglas DC6 and started his flying career with Hunting Clan which soon became part of British United Airways and then on and into BCal where he became DC10 Chief Flight Engineer. Jim Remembered

Peter Greenham  09/04/20
It is with sadness we learn that Peter passed away in early April 2020, aged 72, he had been ill for some time. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Peter joined BCal in 1984 as a member of Cabin Crew and rose to be a CSD with BA and was still flying some 31 years later. Peter Remembered
Peter's Original entry: Flew as Cabin crew from 1984 till the Murder sorry Merger in 87. Had many a happy trips and made many great friends who remain so till this day! Still stays as the happiest time of my flying career. Putting on that Tartan Jacket for the in flight service was a real highlight! Still wear it for Dinner parties! Yeah right! It wouldn't fit my neck let alone my waist! Still flying as a CSD with BA after 31 years ! Mad or what ! Would love to hear from you all . God bless, Peter G.

Laurie Griffiths 02/07/16
Sadly Laurie has passed away. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Laurie was a Flight Engineer of long standing and will have been known to many through his activities as a Trustee of the Flight Deck Mutual Trust when organising the reunions until 2015 with Denis McQuoid. Laurie's service was held on 30th June and was well attended.

Laurie's original crew room entry:
I joined Caledonian Airways as a Flight Engineer in Sept:1965 and flew on Britannia, 707, DC10 and 747 a/c until merger with BA in 1988, then stayed with BA for 2 years joining Virgin in 1990 until my final retirement in October 1994. The 23 years with Caledonian were the best years of my life. I recognise many names on the BCAL web-site and would welcome contact with any who remember me. I am a Trustee of the BCAL Flight Deck trust and we have a reunion annually on the last Friday of September each year. All Ex Flight Deck and Ex BCAL cabin crew and other invited guests are welcome. Met many old friends when I attended Adam Thompson's memorial service in London. I frequently look at my scrap books from the past to remember the "good old days" with Caledonian Airways and BCAL. Also enjoy looking at the BCAL web-site from time to time and thought it was about time I made an entry!

Ron Grover
Sadly Ron, a former BCal Loadmaster, passed away on the 18th July 2015 after a short illness aged 83.  Ron is survived by his wife, Jo, and their children and grand children. Our sincere condolences go out to Ron's family, friends and former colleagues. Ron's service was on 31st July. Ron Remembered

David Grueneberg    CLAT  An airline sadly missed and good times had by all.

Sonia Guinane 
I joined Caledonian Airways as a stewardess in May 1965 and continued to fly until January 1971, I flew on DC7Cs, Bristol Britannias, BAC 111s and Boeing 707s. I developed diabetes but continued as a sales-executive until 1974. I knew Adam Thompson, John de la Haye, Frank Hope and many other people within the organisation. It was a wonderful time back then and I enjoyed every minute.

Martyn Gurton  01/11/15
My career started in 1969 when I joined BUA in the catering department with Phil Howell, Graham Carter and Peter Powell as a summer job waiting for exam results. In 1970 I left and worked for Unilever at Salfords near Redhill.........where I met my wife. I re-joined in 1971 in crewing.....very happy days.....and in 1974 I married Beth from Belfast and lived in Crawley, Horley and finally in Copthorne where we are now. I remained with BCal until the end and went on into BA.

After the merger I changed bases and started working at LHR........we had 3 children at 3 different schools so moving was not an really an option. After several years as a Crewing Duty Manager I moved into Operations as a aircraft controller and finally Operations Duty Manager. The M25 got the better of me and enough was enough and I called it a day and retired in August 2015.

My family has always been associated with Gatwick as my Grandfather managed Gatwick farm and racecourse where LGW stands now. Dad, two brothers and cousins worked for BCal so it was a real family affair. Over the years I've met some great friends and will remember them but I still remember "the best days of our lives".

Paul Gurton
Never has or will there be an airline like BCAL, my dad and my brothers all worked for them over the years great memories. never settled since BA animal moved in. tried few other places but .have now left the airline industry 3 months ago and miss it like mad .cargo side. people side....just know there's another BCAL out there but where......we were a dying breed....the sun will never go down.

Chris Guyler  02/08/15
I hail from the old latter days of BUA and joined flight operations in 1968 in the “Crew Rostering” department as a shift worker dealing with the day to day running of the pilot and cabin crew rosters. After a short while, about 18 months I think, the ‘merger’ started to come about and I was promoted to a ‘day worker’ to join a very good friend in the department, John Simpson, who had been building the BAC 1-11 (200 series) pilot’s rosters. He was promoted and given the task of taking over the building of the bigger 500 series fleet that came over from Caledonian! So alongside John, I was taken on as the ‘new boy’ to take over his role of building the BAC 1-11 200 series pilot’s rosters! Oh, those were the days, when airlines were really AIRLINES and you ALL had fun making sure everything ran smoothly!

Later I was coerced into furthering my airline career when an opportunity came up in “Flight International” advertising a job in Gulf Air for flight operations with crew scheduling experience! Needless to say I was lucky enough to secure the expatriate position and leave BCAL in 1971 to go out to ‘sunny’ Bahrain and spend three years there before venturing further a field and coming to Australia in 1974. Initially, I worked for Ansett Airlines in Melbourne for 3 years before becoming an expat again with 6 years in Papua New Guinea working for Air Nuigini, followed by 2 years in Brunei for Royal Brunei Airlines. Then in 1986 I came back to sunny Queensland and joined Qantas and worked in several areas for 19 years before taking a redundancy package and leaving in late 2005 to join the ranks of the “early retirees”! A big thank you to BUA and BCAL for ‘kick-starting’ my career! Please keep in touch if you remember the name!

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