George Bellamy   04/01/21
Sadly George has passed away, though he passed peacefully in his sleep at the age of 97 on 26th December 2020 in France. His cremation was held a few days later according to his wishes, it was private service. George Remembered

George's original crewroom entry (from his daughter Sylvia)16/04/20
George was a Captain on the 707 and is living out his days in the quiet of the French countryside in SW France. He will be 94 in July (2017). He has written his memoirs of his life in aviation, from the early 40s when he trained as a pilot with the RAF, through to the early 80s when he finished flying 707s as a freelance Captain with Montana in Austria. He served with Caledonian from 1964 to 1971.  His daughter Sylvia is his contact and can be contacted for information on his memoirs and log books.

John Bellis 12/02/23  John Remembered
Sadly John passed away on 10th February 2023 aged 89. My sincere condolences to his wife Diane, his family, friends and former colleagues. John was an Engineering Supervisor on Line 4 in the Hangars at Gatwick. He started with BUA continuing in to BCal.

Reg Bench  15/08/10
Colleagues at Caledonian House may remember Reg, he was in the Route Licensing Department. He subsequently worked in Hong Kong for various local carriers but on returning to the UK practised in aviation law and played an important part in the air transport section of the RAeS. Unfortunately Reg died very suddenly and unexpectedly on 8th August 2010. Reg's funeral took place on Thursday 19th August 2010 at the North Chapel of Woodvale Crematorium; Brighton. Contact with the family can be made through Reg's elder son Matt who can be reached at

John Bennett 09/06/22   John Remembered
Sadly John passed on 7th June 2022. John was an Engineer based at Gatwick, starting with BUA working as a sheet metal worker in the Detail Shop. He also captained the BUA football team.

Phil Benson
Joined British Caledonian as a BAC 1-11 pilot in April 76. DC10 from 79-89. Then 11 years on Concorde after the 'merger' with BA, followed by 16 years on the 777 till I retired in 2017. Although I was trained as an airline pilot at Hamble by British Airways in 1974-5, on graduating there was no job available with BA (we would have had to wait 9 years for a flying job!). I consider myself to be VERY lucky to have managed to get a job with BCal. I, and my contemporary 'baby pilots' had a fantastic time flying around the world with such a great, friendly bunch of people. A thoroughly enjoyable time. And we got paid for it too!  It was such fun sharing that big house near Shere with many of my BCal pilot and cabin crew friends. I remember all the great airline parties we had. I'm still living in the Guildford area. I help to organise the annual BCal Flight Deck & Cabin Crew Reunion every September, and still regularly keep in touch with many of my ex-BCal friends.

Andy Bentley
Started off in Engineering and ended up in Cargo where I met the other half Kim (Mason) who was in Blue Sky Holidays before moving to Cargo.  It sound corny but it was the people that made the difference - how I notice the difference today. Congratulations on a great site.

Dave Bernstein     Sadly Dave passed on 8th February 2010, aged 68. Dave Remembered

Laurie Berryman 23/03/18
After almost 45 years In the airline industry I have now retired. I joined BCAL in 1977 as a Fares and ticketing Instructor. Moved overseas in 1982 to Geneva and then Riyadh and Jeddah. Stayed with BA until 1990 and then joined Emirates where I spent the last 28 years ending up with the VP UK role in London for the last 7 years. However it was BCAL that gave me a great grounding in all aspects of operations and customer service. I spent 10 very happy years with BCAL from 1977 to 1987. I intend to play more golf with some games against old BCAL colleagues ! We intend to stay in Horley and do more travelling both in the U.K. and the rest of the world.

Marguerita "Rita" Best   09/03/18
Sadly Rita passed away in early February 2018 after a battle with cancer. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Rita started flying with Caledonian and then joined BOAC in 1974. She flew on long haul as a Purser on 747’s until cancer treatment forced her to transfer to short haul. Friend Jill Ede recalls "She reluctantly took ill health retirement before her 55th Birthday and never a day passed without her wistfully looking up at passing aircraft". Rita's service was held in Marlow on 28th February 2018.

Bob Biggart  Brings back the memories / Job well done

Mary Biggs (now Banks)  25/07/15   Just had David Williams and Dave Erich over for dinner and heard about this web site! I'd love to hear from some old friends!

Ron Biggs
16/08/11  - Posted by Robert Biggs
My father, Ron Biggs joined Transair in 1957 and continued through the expansion and mergers that occurred subsequently with BUA and then BCal until his retirement in April 1985 when he was Manager Aircraft Performance Control. He had been in aviation all his working life, starting as a trainee pilot and quickly switching to Navigation on Lancaster’s with the advent of WW2. Fortunately, he survived Bomber Command and he continued navigating until 1952 and then moved to a mainly office environment. He kept his licence for many years after that but only used it to keep current. Unfortunately, Ron died 5th February 2010 at the age of 87 in East Surrey Hospital and even then was still being confused with the Train Robber!

Beverley Billington 18/02/15   I joined BCal in 1986 and ultimately became a Cabin Crew Superintendent working with Alan Painter as Cabin Crew Manager

Steve Bispham  30/06/20  I worked in Traffic from 1967 to 1974 and would be interested catching up if there are any other reunions planned.

Peter Black  16/03/15
Greetings to all old friends in the LGW-based 78-88 Advg & Sales Promo party team. Still hoping to hear back from that computer literate "The Lunch", Norma his secretary, Sally, Cynthia, Patricia, Audrey, Arthur Jamieson, Mike Booth and maybe even twerps like that off-line ( DFW ) sales legend Mark Culmer - although he's probably still lost on the Tulsa loop! Greetings also to the much heftier partiers in the Houston corp office - Mary the Biggs, Dave W and Dave R and many more. A salute to Sir Adam - who made all these great memories and friendships possible. I was very sad to have missed the Sept opportunity to pay tribute to Sir Adam and the chance to meet with old marketing friends. From Nic "The Lunchtime" Boise to Jeff Youtan to Arthur Jameson & Alan Painter to Bob Isted and Mike Booth - most of the old Wingspan drinking group.

Monica Blacklaw  (now Stronach) 14/08/08
I was a member of the ground staff @ Edinburgh Airport for 10 years from 1970 to 1980 and remember my time there with great fondness.  I was lucky enough to finish the last shift at the old Edinburgh Airport and then next morning start the first shift at the new Edinburgh Airport. I worked with some of the nicest people and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the airline.

Ron Blair  22/02/21
I joined the Revenue Accounting Department in July 1973 as an entry level clerk and left in February 1988 as Manager Revenue Accounting Services to join IATA in Geneva. I worked for IATA for seven and a half years before returning to the UK to manage my own business here in Devon.  The training and opportunities that BCAL offered me was second to none. No other business I have worked for has come anywhere near to what BCAL tried to achieve. My time at BCAL was the happiest of my working life. BCAL was the most professional company I worked for and currently much of the training documentation I received is scattered around my office at this very moment. In particular a letter from Alastair Pugh dated 14 June 1983 in which he set our objectives of;

* To be the best airline in the world
* Service to the point of obsession
* A giant stride in people relations
* Achieve managerial excellence
* Ensuring BCAL has the best management in the world.

Included with the letter was a book called' 'In Search of Excellence'.

All of these objectives I aimed for both when running my own business and working for others. No other business came anywhere near to achieving these aims, most did not attempt to achieve them. On my desk next to me is the Customer First booklet with the Foreword by David Coltman. This booklet has been by my side throughout my life and I have applied its principles not just to my own life but have taught them to hundreds of others at every opportunity, including my children and when they are old enough, my grandchildren. Slipped inside the cover is my copy of a little blue booklet called, 'Some thought on Management Style in B.CAL'. Other managers reading this post may remember it also, particularly a quote by Rocky Cox that reads, 'Think like a Manager, Act Like a Manager, Look like a Manager'. So short but so meaningful and thought provoking. I have used it so many times in difficult situations and other Managers have found it fascinating when I have quoted it at Managers Meetings or training sessions, (I hope Rocky Cox didn't put a copyright on it).

As for David Coltman, who I found out his morning sadly passed away in 2011, My first face to face contact with David was at check in for a flight to Lagos. David was on his inaugural visit as Managing Director Designate I had to go and settle an interline dispute with Nigeria Airways. The flight was overbooked and at check in David approached as I waited in the queue, introduced himself and jokingly said that he had been briefed on the purpose of my visit but if it came down to a choice between him or me getting the last seat, it would be him. We sat next to each other in the last row of economy on an Airbus service.

On a trip to the USA to attend a joint ATA/IATA working group meeting early in 1990 I was asked by the United Airlines delegate to fly home via Chicago and review their Revenue Accounting Training documentation. On arrival I was told to keep 10.00am clear as someone wanted to see me. At exactly 10.00am I was escorted to an office where the secretary waved me straight through. Sitting behind the desk was David Coltman. He stood up, walked over to me, shook my hand and just said, I heard you were in town and could not let you leave without having a catch up chat. How are things with you? We chatted for fifteen minutes, work was not a topic of conversation. Again, I cannot think of any Managing Director in any company that I have worked for who would have taken the time to do what David Coltman did that day. To me nothing could have reinforced the comradery that BCAL's management team were trying to promote during my time there.

Richard Blake
Richard passed away peacefully, aged 56, in St Catherines Hospice, Crawley, on 1st March 2013. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Maureen, his family, friends and former colleagues. His service was held on Monday 18th March at Surrey and Sussex Crematorium.

A colleague recalls "I remember him very well as my scheduling officer in BCal. He was a lovely man with a good sense of humour. He was always very nice and polite and if he could help with rostering he would. He always seemed laid back but he was very sharp. If you popped up to scheduling to ask a question or a favour, you knew if he wasn't there he wasn't too far as his cardigan was always on the back of his chair, it was always reassuring to see. In the BCal years it seemed that he never went home, he was such a hard worker. "

Sally Blake
(nee Fuller)  13/08/08
I was a Reservations Supervisor in the terrapins at Gatwick. I joined BUA  in revenue accounts and then transferred to reservations and became supervisor at the amalgamation of BUA and Caledonian. Working for BCAL was the best job I ever had. The Golden Lion Trust is very dear to my heart and when I was elected Mayor of Crawley in 2006 I took it as my Charity. We raised enough money to re-enact GLCTs very first trip, by taking a group of 100 Special Needs children to Jersey for the day. It was magical. Everyone was so helpful…and the children had a ball….(so did the helpers). I would urge anyone with a little free time to help GLCT where they can… The Trust really does make dreams come true.

Will Blunt 03/08/13
Sadly Will passed away suddenly on 16th July 2013 at his home in America. Will was formerly with BCal and worked out of Dallas Fort-Worth. Our sincere condolences go out to Will's family, friends and former colleagues.

Don Bond It is with sadness that we learn that Don passed away at the end of April 2008. Our sympathies go to his family and friends.

Don's original entry read: Good old Fred's Air Charter, BUA., BCAL. I was the VC10 Fleet Navigator with BCAL until I.N.S. took over. What a fantastic aeroplane that was. The 707 was fine, but -------. Best wishes to any of my old mates from those very happy days.  Don's family can be contacted via his nephew Julian,

Derek David Bonfield   15/12/18
It is nice to see the old blue and yellow again. I was in Fares and Ticketing training, it was a great company to work for and I still miss it! I was there February 1973 - until taken over by BA. I retired from the airline industry in 2015. After 45 years in the airline industry. BCAL, British Airways, Continental Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. BCAL was the best!

Marc Bonnel 19/10/16
Sadly we learnt that Marc passed away in October 2016. My sincere condolences go out to his friends, family and former colleagues. Marc joined BCal in 1976(ish), he had a short stint on the ground before starting his flying career in 1977. Based at Gatwick until a few years after the BA takeover when he moved to Heathrow. Marc was a Long Haul Purser and left BA in around 2006.  Marc's service was held on 1st November, details can be found here Marc Remembered

Dick Bonner   I joined BUA at Gatwick in 1964 and sadly left BCAL in 1988, lots of wonderful memories. An excellent site. Would love to hear from folk who want to wallow in nostalgia!

Cecilia Marie Bonnet 
I was visiting the BCAL website and tears came out from me. My uncle was Patrick Ryan who was the Airport Manager for BUA and then for BCAL up to 1982. I was 11 years old at that moment and I used to go with him on Sundays to the airport and stay the hole day watching the flight operations of the day, and since then I promised to him when I will be an adult I will be prepare to be the best Flight Attendant. I still keep in the closet at my mother's home, uniforms and BCAL amenities of that time and they are my treasures. Now I'm 38 years old and I'm an American Airlines flight attendant for 9 years and I am based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my country. I still remember my first trip on an airplane, the DC10 BCAL flight from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro BR in 1979.

Gayl Boon (nee Symons)  02/05/2017
I was with Caledonian from 1970-1972 as a hostess. From there I went off into the sunset with a F/O who flew for Singapore Airlines and then onto Gulf Air (alone!!). I now live in Durban. South Africa, and I would love to hear from any crew from those wonderful times. It really was an incredible airline and I am very sad that she is no longer in the skies. I shared a house in Ifield with 4 other girls one of whom was a Hillary Buckley. (I cannot remember the others).

Angela Booth 22/03/24
Sadly we learn that Angela passed away in May 2023, my sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Angela was a member of Cabin Crew and was married to the late George Reed. Angela Remembered

Mike Booth
Both myself and my wife worked for BCAL for some 14 years and would like to make contact again with lost, but not forgotten, friends and ex colleagues. My wife's maiden name, I am sure some of you will remember her, - Maureen Hancock. She left BCAL in 86 when our daughter was born. Anyone who wants to contact her can do so via my email address. By the way, I didn't mention yesterday what a great website and it is really good to be able to contact old friends and colleagues. They were, after all, the best days of our lives!

Roger Botting
Started with BUA in Oct 69, went on to export cargo in 71, became a loadmaster in 74 and spent until April 80 as a loadmaster on the B707F's. Moved to open the cargo operation in Atlanta in April 80, moved to Houston in 81 and left BCAL at the end of 81 to come back to Atlanta. Started my own company in 82, still moving freight, anybody from the old days in cargo or flight crews who remember the freighter days just drop me an email. Have flown BA many times in and out of ATL first class but just never seemed as good as the golden lion, meet many people today all over the world that still remember the ladies in the tartan uniforms and the good food and wine. My father was Harold Botting in engine bay at Gatwick who retired in the late 70's.

Trevor Boud  19/11/19
Joined Caledonian in April ’65 and in those early years knew nearly everybody, but regrettably had less interface with crews, ground-staff and admin personnel as we got bigger and enlarged the group. Was a Director of the airline from ’67 and had other Group positions too. Was very disappointed that the Civil Aviation Review recommendations in the mid ’80s were thwarted by Maggie alone, and that as a consequence BCAL’s future was going to be severely restricted, leading to a take-over by BA. I am proud to have worked with the entire staff and of what was achieved in those demanding regulated years, when constraints restricted our expansion and choice of routes. Subsequently conducted various aviation consultancies until 9/11 when my then services abruptly ceased. Resorted to performing a couple of property developments, but now consider myself retired.

In ’85 married Bobby Flood ex BUA cabin staff and at the time in the BCAL London Sales team.  We live in Cranleigh. I am pleased to see many names on this site which I do know and remember from those good old days, and will be pleased to receive emails from any friends and colleagues who have the time to reminisce or to down the odd glass together.

Robert Bovill  01/02/20
Sadly Bob passed on 22nd January 2020 after suffering a fall at home. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bob was a keen photographer and had many memories from his flying career. He missed his wife Sheila, who passed before him a few years ago in 2010.

Bob's entry from 01/10/14: I flew Viscounts and BAC 1-11s with BUA from 1962 onwards having previously flown with SCAL (Silver City) and Britavia after leaving naval service. For me it really was the best airline ever with a super crowd of people in all departments. I now live in Cornwall. My late wife and I moved here in 1995. My late wife Sheila, neé Higham, was a BUA stewardess in the days before they all became "trolley dollies". She flew on Viscounts and Britannias but for only a relatively short time having decided that family came first. We raised three sons and were together for 48 years before she died of cancer at the end of May 2010. I am now in my 90th year and she was 12 years younger than I.

Sue Boyd  (now Sue Beardwell)  08/07/15
Air Crew 1981 - 1984 then Tax Free Sales Assistant. Lovely to find this page - I have so many happy memories of BCal and credit it for making me the person I am today - I joined as a rather shy Scottish lass and just blossomed. The rest of my working life has been in Customer Service of one sort or another and BCal gave me the confidence to do that. I'm always proud to say I was a BCal girl and proud of the image we created - no other airline has done it as well as we did!

James J Boyle
  Ex BCAL 30 years, now retired

Guy Boyling 
Joined in 1971 after 5 years with BEA (on Comet 4B, Trident, Viscount, Vanguard, 1-11 500 etc.) as Cabin Crew, straight on to a B 707 as a “Chief”, initially shadowing Joe Connery (where are you Joe ?). Five great years followed, then moved to Sales and Marketing for another eight “eventful” years. working with the most amazing airline people in the business. After BCAL, I stayed in Sales and Travel for a further eleven years (Thomas Cook Business Travel), and listened to many agents and “corporate” still talking about the great airline it was. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I look forward to future re-unions and the chance to yak about the great adventure

Jette Boysen   
I am one of the old BCAL girls. flying from  1982-1986. I was probably one of the only Danish stewardesses in BCAL and feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to join the world's best airline where I had such a good time. Today I have my own business are married and have a lovely daughter who is working for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines). I am living in Denmark but I am often in the UK (London) and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

Phil Bowell
Now happily retired in Steyning with Pauline (nee Scott - Redcap) and enjoying life. Bell ringing at local church a great change from airport life and can thoroughly recommend it. Had a great career and all due to Sir Adam and BCAL. What a great life we all had there. The most wonderful part of living and working in many countries around the world after BCAL, was that everyone seemed to know BCAL and that my experience and training all represented quality and only the highest standards of customer service. We all worked hard under great leadership to achieve this and it paid us back so well. No wonder we all miss it so much. Thanks Dave for giving us this opportunity to remember our past with such affection. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Phil's MBE
Phil was honoured by the Queen in the New Year's Honours list and awarded an MBE. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is a British order of chivalry established on 4 June 1917 by King George V with civil and military awards. Phil's MBE is for "Services to British Industry, and the Community in Bahrain". He is  very proud and he is also totally shocked by such an award.

Dave Bowers   
Remember BCAL service initiation into STL, and Mr. MAC (Mr. J.S. McDonnell) having a ceremony with a company DC-10. He was one proud fellow!

Arline Bowman 10/04/23
Sadly Arline passed away on 30 March 2023 suddenly, but peacefully, following an unexpected stroke. Prior to the merger Arline worked in LGW Engineering as part of the support team. Arline's service took place on Monday, 24th April 2023 in Brighton. Arline Remembered

Maurice (Ted) Bracey 27/04/16
Sadly we hear that Maurice passed away on 23rd April 2016. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Maurice, known to many as Ted, joined BUA in 1969 and would retire from BA after a long career as an Aircraft Engineer (Airframe / Engines). Before airline service Maurice had joined the RAF with Tom Beck in 1959 and later worked closely with Tom for 10 years at BUA and BCAL. Tom remembers Maurice as a great friend and someone who will be missed by everyone who knew him.  Maurice's service was held on 10th May; details can be found here. Maurice Remembered

Tom Brackpoole 25/07/22
Sadly Tom, in Engineering Maintenance, passed 20th July 2022. My sincere condolences to go his family, friends and former colleagues. Tom never actually worked for BCal, he was with Airtours, so ended up with all in Engineering post merger. He was well liked and known to many.

Marcia Bradley
  So, when is someone going to start BCAL up again? I'd be glad to help!

Peter Braham  30/04/11
I started with BUA in 1966 in Telecoms section and carried on through to 86 with BCal. Had a great time and worked with many great people both at LGW and around the world. Would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.

David Braithwaite  04/06/17
I started in engineering in July 1966 working through until retirement in 1999. Tom Mormon and I went to the world airlines golf tournament in 1978 hosted by Air New Guinea. BCAL also sponsored the European golfing pros on the African tour during the winter months and in return the pros gave the BCAL golf society a day's golf at various local golf clubs. My team, with pro Guy Hunt, received our prize from Alastair Pugh. Fond memories of working with your dad; Ron Thaxter.

Jackie Brand  Hello to the BCAL folk of long ago, it's nice to get the chance to remember a great company

Wendy  Brannan (now Summerfield) 08/04/24
Hi everyone!   Looking back, my 16 years with BCAL from 1972  gave me so much exciting experience, full  of variety & challenge in all my roles - my first 8 years as Cabin Crew on VC10s, 1-11s & later B707s  (loved Nairobi & HKG! ); then into HR management for all our overseas bases (such a variety of cultures & laws!);  then in 1984, a totally out-of-the-blue invitation from Sir Adam to be his PA for a year (what a privilege to witness BCAL from there! ); moved on to head the Customer First program, & also managed our HR support to our lovely South Americans through their redundancy & possible recruitment by BA, due to the route swaps with BA imposed on us by the UK Government.  Then came the shock of BA’s hostile take-over.

Sir Adam wanted to personally explain to everyone why the merger was the best way he could secure our jobs, so he toured our LGW departments before Christmas to explain & bid farewell, & I was privileged to accompany him - a very emotional day! He was genuinely surprised and deeply touched that, everywhere we went, he was greeted with genuine affection, thanks, tears, cheers & pride for what we had co-created with him in BCAL.  I am not at all surprised that the BCAL heart is still so strong all these years on - it was a very special company to be part of.

Life after BCAL has continued full of variety & interest.  I joined BA at LGW.  Once the merger activities were complete, I joined the HR team that helped launch operations at the new North Terminal that Easter (manic!)  Later, joined BA Recruitment at LHR - my best achievement? The switch from its meaningless brown & cream décor to BA’s own livery: navy, silver & red, so it looked like BA!  Opted for redundancy in the1990 oil crisis, joined a careers outplacement consultancy in London as Careers Counsellor working with executives redesigning their lives after redundancy, and joined Air Miles as part-time Company Counsellor. 

After my husband died, I retired & took time out on Maui, Hawaii (loved the humpback whales!)  That led to most of 15 years on the west coast of Vancouver Island, becoming involved in setting up the local Pacific Rim Bear Smart program re living in harmony with our local black bears.  The need to fundraise led to a crazy idea (mine!) of producing our own full-colour, 2008 Calendar, “Bear Naked Ladies & Friends” - so we did!  Such fun!  Now happily settled In Devon, I’ve been volunteering with Horsemanship For Health, offering gentle healing in nature with horses to people suffering mental health issues - lovely work! - & trying to capture these memories & tie them to old photos!

Joyce Branson
Sadly Joyce passed away after a long illness - on 27 October 2010, at home in Hanslope. She was Southwest England Sales working with George Scowen, Guy LeSueur, Phil Butler(deceased), Lyn Barnard (Hutton), Maureen Gordon (Aris).  Joyce's Memorial service was held on Friday 5th November 2010 at St. James the Great CE Church, Park Road Hanslop, Buckinghamshire.

Trish Breach (nee Williams)  
I worked for BCAL for nearly nine years. I took voluntary redundancy in 1986, where I used to work as a Ticket Desk Supervisor. I LOVED IT THERE!

Maureen Breckell
(now Kercher)  One of the original Caledonian airways employees, maiden name was BRECKELL

Sue Breeze (ex Luckett and Beauchamp)
With BCAL - 1969 to 1983 - Heathrow Cargo. Worked with Pat Evans and a good crew. Good to hear from anyone from the cargo shed. Saw Monica Sait onboard. She was with LHR Interline at the time. Have not been thru all pages yet but hope to. Get in touch anyone who knows or remembers me.

Terry Brennan  10/01/14
I worked for a short time (6 months) as a temp at Gatwick in Hangar 1 on “C” checks on BCal's 1-11 fleet before BA buggered it, years prior to this I was in Borneo (1965-1966) and we had a visit from a Caledonian Comet, this was the time of the mini skirt and all the Cally hosties were wearing them, at the time I was working on TASF (visiting A/C flight) and was lucky enough to do the T/R, I have to say I never realised how many blokes were stationed at Kuching until that day, they were hanging off every conceivable bit of ground equipment, just to let you know it was a morale booster I have never forgotten!

Heather Brenzel (née Clode) 15/01/16
I started working for Caledonian Airways in 1968 as a flight attendant - moved to New York when we became British Caledonian Airways and started schedule service out of JFK. I worked at the airport and then the New York Sales office through two schedule service attempts and a successful charter program and finally left just before the dreaded BA takeover. Adam Thomson visited New York frequently and as we were a small office we got to know him very well. He was a gentleman in the true sense of the word and B.CAL was a wonderful company to work for. Thank you for creating this website for all of us ex-Cally people to remember what a class act we use to be!

Bob Brett  04/09/16
I would just like to tell you how proud I was of BCAL. I worked in Cargo at LHR from 1972-1986. It was the best working years of my life, the whole company was as a whole one big family, which I miss still to this day. Best Regards to all that have known me.

Candy Bridge 
Hi everyone, I've been meaning to add my name to this wonderful BCAL Tribute site for ages and finally I've got round to it.  I joined the best airline in the world in 1978 as Secretary to Alan Bartlett in the Telecommunications department where I also did work for Terry Storer and Lou Parisi.  I was there for a good few years before moving over to Personnel where I worked with Dot Davidson and Alan Mitchell, who was a great boss.  Alongside Alan, Frank Skilbeck and others I was part of the Committee that worked on getting the new Wingspan open at Cally House and will never forget the opening with Les Dawson.  After leaving in 1986 I travelled overseas and worked as a Tour Manager for a local company in Montego Bay, Jamaica and then moved to Fort Lauderdale in the US where I ran my own travel agency for 5 years.  I returned to the UK in 1998 and couldn't get back into the travel industry.  I worked as PA to the CEO of Courts (furniture group) from which I was also made redundant, and then undertook a series of temp jobs.  Early in 2007 my luck changed and I was accepted by British Airways to work as CSA at LGW and I'm still there.  Would love to hear from any of my old colleagues and hope to see you all one day soon at a reunion do.

Richard Bristow
I was with BCAL for ten years from 1976. Mainly working in overseas sales divisions. During the last four years I was in UK sales running the technology team. Happy days! Hi to everyone who knows me, I hope the world is treating to well!! I am still in touch with many friends from BCAL so let me know if you looking for anyone from sales or res services

(Continues below)
Bob Baartz 03/03/12 
Sadly Bob passed away suddenly on Wednesday (Feb 29) at his home in Dorking. Bob worked in BCAL sales and marketing for many years, latterly as General Sales Manager, Interline. Bob left BCAL in 1984 to become General Manager, UK & Ireland, for Continental Airlines. An Australian, Bob will be remembered for his big, warm, ‘down under’ personality as well as his trusted professionalism. Bob leaves his wife, Marian and two daughters, Michelle and Natalie. Our condolences go out to Bob's family and friends.  Bob Remembered

From Jim Johnson - recalling his friendship with Bob
I first met Bob in 1970 when he appeared at the office in Crawley and asked to join us. Who could refuse him? He met my family when we travelled to Nairobi together in 1972 and, since my boys were keen cricketers, friendship was assured. Bob and I once travelled to Perth in W.A. together and I introduced him to my sister and her aussie husband. It was a joy to hear him taking the side of his adopted country against my brother in law when discussions turned to cricket!  Bob took me to lunch with Richie Benaud at Lords and, when my eldest son died rather prematurely, an enormous wreath from Continental Airlines arrived at the funeral. He was a "one - off" and we shall miss him. My youngest son is, inevitably, a full member of the MCC.

Ian Bagshaw
I joined as a boy on 13th June 1960 in Hangar One. Remained in Engineering both on line, outstations and in base maintenance, with a great bunch of guys. Left in 1976 to work for HAECO, rejoined in 1979, emigrated to New Zealand in 1988. NZ had more to offer than BA! Became a regulator with the CAA and then started my own business in the delivery of training courses for the aviation industry in Safety Management and Quality Management Systems. Although now semi-retired, I am an IATA IOSA auditor and still continue to run training courses (my website is Have had the 'blood change' and fully support the All Blacks! If you're passing by, let me know - always a cold beer in the fridge

John Bailey  25/06/22
I joined BUA in 1968 working as a flight dispatcher within flight operations at Gatwick. After the creation of Caledonian-BUA and then BCAL, I transferred to the Sales Division in 1972 where I worked within the charter department, initially dealing with short haul and ad hoc, progressing on to long haul routes. What a time that period was, I still remember trying to find right up to the last minute other carriers who we could sub charter overbooked flights to. I left BCAL in 1977 to start my own travel company and consider my time at BCAL as the most enjoyable of my career and still consider BCAL as the best airline that has ever flown. Having recognised so many names on this site I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or knew me over this period.

Roy Bailey 30/06/20
It is with sadness we hear that Roy, aged 92, passed away at The East Surrey Hospital, Redhill. He passed peacefully on Sunday 28th June at 0730 hrs. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Roy served as an Electricians mate from 1959 to the BA merger in 1988. He was the younger brother of Fred Bailey, Transport Superintendent BCAL, and uncle to John Bailey (entry above).
Roy Remembered

Phil Baker  01/11/11
I joined BUA straight from school in 1966 (just after the world cup win) originally in Load Control. Spent 22 happy years in Traffic, Pax Services and Overseas until the BA takeover. Initially went to Manchester, where eventually moved to the dark side with the Airport authority, now run my own operation many miles away in Adelaide Airport, South Australia, where I have been for last eleven years and intend to retire here. Would be delighted to catch up with any of the hundreds of great BCAL friends and colleagues any time you may find yourself in this part of the world.

My wife
Sarah (nee Whitmore) and our three children are here with me………she worked on Check-in and Coupon Control at LGW in the mid to late 70's, before moving up to Admin, where she became Senior Rostering Officer (Pax Services) until she left the Company to join me on a posting in Accra in 1982. She didn't return to work when we came back late in 1984, as we had started our family by then.

By the way, my old man (Harry Baker) also worked with the Company for many years, starting out as a Porter (behind the check-in desks) and working his way up to Baggage Services Supervisor. For a while, I was his direct Supervisor and later on his departmental Manager (ditto with my wife), which made for some interesting discussions at home on occasions. He passed on almost a decade ago now.

Alexandra Ballesteros  
Looking to this website, memories which were lined up in a drawer, appeared strongly (with collateral effects of course!!!). I flew from 1979 to 1982 with base in Buenos Aires. Times were difficult in Argentina and this job was a gift of life. Unfortunately I don't remember full names (except Mike Ward) but I do remember your faces. If somebody remembers me, please send me an email. I live in France and it would be easy for me to join you at an annual reunion. I’m in touch with an Argentinean girl: Marina. I suppose the other girls have changed their names while they got married. Bons baisers, A.

Ali Ball  24/09/15
I was in Avionics and I was in my last year when we were taken over by BA - I stayed for a few months and then left as I just remembered wearing the Viking helmets when we thought SAS was going to buy us. I must admit I hated BA. But I do have a nice piece of BCal memorabilia still. Click here for that

Jerry Ball
I worked for BCal. from 1981 to 1986. I used to deliver the post to Sir Adam, and so I was sorry to hear of his death this week. My father Vic also used to work for BCal. flight engineering on VC10's, 707's, and DC10's. I am seeking to return to the Airline industry after a spell with British Airways earlier this year.

Victor (Vic) Ball  31/08/23  Vic Remembered
It is with sadness we learn Vic passed away, aged 94, on 16th August 2023. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Vic's crewroom entry from 31/05/18
: After 8 years in the RAF, 4 years on the Shackleton I joined Air Charter in June 1955 as F/e on the Tudor and subsequently flew the Britannia, VC10, B707 and DC10 with BUA, BCal and BA, retiring in 1989. Congratulations to David for organising this wonderful site which keeps us all in contact. As all have said it's been a privilege to have been with such a great Company and to have enjoyed the company of wonderful people after 26 years I still miss it and am thankful I had such a wonderful career despite the occasional engine failure!! Oh and I managed to get my PPL at Shoreham, taught by Chris Yardley, and FAA  endorsed in Houston. I'm hoping my 20 year old grandson might come into the industry. My grandfather was in the RFC in France in the 1st World War, my father in the Desert Air Force and my son Jeremy with BA at Gatwick, we'll have to see!

George Banks  
I joined BCAL in April 1973 in catering initially as a catering administrator for the flight kitchen, working for Mrs Katie Wilde before becoming Catering Representative Europe/Africa/South America/USA/Far East over the years and was made overseas catering manager by Charles Powell in the early eighties and subsequently Manager menu planning and product design system wide by Bob Coleman who was head of in-flight service at the time. I started the small Lagos Catering unit in 1974, covered the Houston Inaugural and catering in 1977 [operated by Romeo Sierra my favourite 707 ……I felt sorry for it as it operated every Houston flight for virtually the 1st week of operations!!]

I worked with some wonderful people Mrs Wilde, Pam Ryan, Mary Burgess, Betty Shelton, Alison Steer, Michel Noel, Graham Elliott and so many people on the BCAL network…..Catering in Africa was always a challenge especially the `1-11 in 8/80 cofig to CMN/LPA/BJL/FRE and the 707 to CMN/BJL/FRE/ROB and back via FRE/DKR to LGW to name just a couple of services [hope I've got my 3 letter IATA codes correct]…I covered many of the BCAL Royal flights and created some catering concepts for BCAL which everyone seemed to like, La Cuisine du Ciel and La Brasserie which won catering awards. I stayed with British Airways after the merger/takeover and joined them based at London's Heathrow airport in April 1988. It was thanks to BCAL that BA wanted me as we beat them two years running in the annual ITCA catering conference Mercury awards in 1985 and 1986, and at my interview with BA for a job the Head of BA catering said to me “We really liked your La Cuisine du Ciel“ Concept!  And we would like to offer you the job of Manager Menu standards.

I stayed with BA until October 2006 when I took early retirement and joined Emirates Airlines on 4th Jan 2007 based Dubai as Food Product Manager and I am enjoying it very much. I keep in touch with many of my BCAL colleagues from catering/crew /marketing etc and I feel these for me were great times. As maybe you know I published a book GOURMET AND GLAMOUR IN THE SKY…..A life in airline catering and there is some fabulous pictures and memories of BCAL going back to the DC-7C of Caledonian.

Reg Banks  28/03/2015  Sadly Captain Banks passed away on 24th February 2015. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Reg retired in 1983.

Ian Barber 07/08/14
Started my half century plus in aviation engineering back in 1957 at Croydon Airport with Air Couriers. They operated a fleet of Dragon Rapides for private charter work and also provided maintenance facilities for a huge range of aircraft. Incidentally I believe one of the Rapide pilots (Ian Smith) later became a B747 skipper with BCal. Anyway after Croydon closed in '59 we moved to Biggin Hill whilst our new hangars & offices were being built at Gatwick.

I moved to Gatwick in 1964 still with Air Couriers and my first contact with Caledonian in the shape of the DC7-C which we maintained on occasions. I Left Couriers in Jan 1966 and joined ACE freighters aircrew as a Flight Service Engineer on DC4’s and Constellation 749’s. Had some exciting times with ACE and met E/O Ron Baxter and Derek Epps (Ops) there. Good times but short lived as ACE went bust in September that year.

So one week unemployed then after a chance meeting with the then Cally Chief Engineer “Fergy” on the North finger at Gatwick I was told “I know you Ian, start Monday” that was 26th September 1966, and  so began my career with Caledonian Airways Prestwick Ltd, and B.Cal, and finally BA. Think I did just about everything at Cally from “on the tools” to Station Engineer, LMS, Hangar Manager and more in between.

31 years later in 1997 I took the “early trap” into retirement or so I thought, but after a week got a phone call from the Chief Engineer at GB airways, “Fancy doing some part time work” and so began another 10 years firstly with GB and then another 6 years on & off with easyJet. Throughout this time I was working with ex BCal colleagues even in 2014.

All in all I think I have been extremely lucky to have been in work all that time but even luckier to have worked in Aviation especially my time with BCal.  So many wonderful people, so many memories, I have enjoyed every minute and wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

John Barcroft 
What was it about BCal?  A gentle airline for a gentle era! Seems like this old world turned a little slower back then....!  After 7 great years with Singapore Airlines London, I was a relative late comer to BCal, joining Ground Services Training LGW in 1985 until we were merged into BA in 1988. Even so, I have the fondest and warmest memories of working and 'behaving badly' with you special people from across the BCal network! Some magical times amongst you all at LGW, CDG, GVA, TUN, LOS, FIH, IAH, DFW and JFK. Still see many of you flying now as an LHR-BA based, part time Purser - but never enough! Living in Mallorca and happiest sailing, windsurfing, drinking and listening to live music with friends like you! Life's too short.....................! Thank you' Sir Adam. Let's Go .....British Caledonian!!!

Nick Barlow
On leaving BA and joining SITA in 1983, I became responsible for implementing the then new SITA Cargo system for BCAL around their network. I became very attached to the airline and people. I moved to HKG in 1985, and then became a regular ID passenger on the old BR381/382 - up until the takeover. SITA became a sanctuary for several ex BCAL people, and three of my old contacts work with me today.

Jan Barnes (now Clark) 
how lovely to find this site, so many memories flooding back of happy times. I was cabin crew out of LGW until the summer of 1988, so ended up as a BA trolley dolly; however, BCal was the best! I wish I had a better memory as I remember some names but not faces ... old age creeping up !

Carole (Crocker) Barnes (19/05/13)
Sadly Carole passed away on Sunday, May 12th 2013, and our sympathies go out to Carole's family, friends and former colleagues. Carole's service was held in Caversham, near Reading, on Monday June 3rd 2013. Carole Remembered

Paul Barnes "Barney"
Sadly Paul passed away suddenly on the 23rd November 2015 at Worthing Hospital following a short illness. My sincere condolences go out to Paul's family, friends and colleagues. Paul leaves behind his wife Helen, three children and eight grandchildren. Paul's service was held on 9th December. Paul Remembered

Paul's original crewroom entry: I joined CALEDONIAN/BUA Cargo on the 5/4/1971, the letter heading was still BUA. I had worked in the cargo industry, with the Monotype Corporation, Ingersol Rand London & then with Turners Air Agency based at the old 'Bee Hive' Gatwick. (The old race course). A advert came out for a Import clerk with Caledonian / BUA, I applied and got the job and was taken on. John Creton was there the day I walked through the door. Coming from the freight Agency business no one spoke to the new guys unless they had to about work, it was like being an apprentice. (five to six months) once in it was a fantastic experience, the people were great and very professional. I have never looked back, all the BCAL years were fantastic, ONE big family wherever you worked, never a 'team'. My friends Harry Davis his son Greg, Peter Casey, Captain Jack Shirvell, Graham Neath, Steve Taylor and many others were very fortunate to work on the Golden Lion Children's Trust which helped many children have a 'GOOD DAY' out. I will stop now, I was working at BA World Cargo LGW inventory Control, along with many other old BCAL cargo guys and girls, but I have now retired after 39 years with BUA, BCAL and BA.

Robin Barnes  29/03/13
I am a New Zealander (now living in Australia) and worked for Straits Air Freight Express {part of Air Work then British United} from 1957 to 1961 which flew Bristol Freighters between the North and South Islands of New Zealand as a Aircraft Radio Maintenance Engineer. I travelled to England in 1961 with a letter of introduction and joined British United at Gatwick in the radio section till 1965. I did get to fly in the VC10’s when they first arrived at Gatwick on crew training flights which was a thrill.

I then joined Air Couriers at Gatwick and then returned to New Zealand in 1966 to work for Air New Zealand. I would love to catch up some of the chaps I worked with at BUA. The chaps in the radio section at BUA always called me Kiwi, three of the chaps I worked with were Ronald Holt, Nigel Parker and Raymond Ward. The foreman was Ray Moore. Im planning a trip to the UK in 2013 and it would be great to catch up with any of the chaps.

Bill Barnett
1978 to the end. Passenger Services throughout. Remember many names from the best company ever to fly the sky. Still have many items from those past days. Sadly left the airport environment in '06, now run my own gardening business in Crawley. Honoured and proud.

Pat Barrass 15/10/21
Sadly Pat passed away on 4th October, he was 102. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Pat's service was held in early November 2021. Pat was Interline Sales Manager before taking up the role of Sales Training Manager. Pat Remembered

Lesley Barrett (now Peacock)  27/09/15 Having worked for BCAL  from start to finish I find this web very interesting. Thank you

Mike Barrett
Sadly Mike passed away on November 28th 2008, our condolences to Mike's family and friends. Mike started at BUA in 1961 in Load Control LGW, then went Loadmastering on DC-6's on the BUA Africargo service from LHR, then to 707's for BCal, also going to IAH as Cargo Svcs Mngr, leaving the Golden Lion in 1982. A memorial service for Mike was held on April 17th 2009 in his home town of Horsted Keynes, East Sussex.

Mike's original Crew Room entry from 1996: At last a BCAL web-site. Have just organised and held the third tri-annual BUA Traffic Reunion. Would be happy to arrange a get together - please let me have your views. Good to see so many 'old names'.

Peter Barrie  17/04/24 
Updated email address
Joined Transair in 1960 and progressed through BUA/BCal . Various positions from Load control, Mgr Ramp Ops then Mgr Cargo Worldwide and finally VP Freight the Americas based in Houston. Decided not to join BA instead became GM of a golf and country club in Spring Texas (thought I had died and gone to heaven). Drawn back into aviation by Qantas as VP Freight Asia based in Singapore. Retired in 2000 after 11 years in Singapore and 40 years in the airline business. Had a wonderful career and met many fine people. However the fondest memories are of the BCal days. Your guestbook is indicative of the dedication, spirit and joy of all involved in making BCal a great airline. I now live in Mandurah, Western Australia (great place) not exactly the end of the world but you can see it from here !!

Peter Barry  03/06/17
I started with BCAL in March '73 in Pax Services as a PSA at LGW. Worked on the ticket desk, baggage services, load control, red-cap and then Pax Services Supervisor for about 3 years. Worked hard and played hard before moving across to Sales where David Coltman and David Joy agreed to put me on the first overseas manager’s pool - along with Robbie Baird and others. Spent a few years overseas in DLA and then came back to work for Graham Atkinson in Eastern Routes at Caledonian House where I had a great time working with some more fantastic people. Stayed on with BA as one of the liabilities they brought in the ‘merger’ and was sent to Gaborone to replace, of all people, the man who gave me my chance - David Joy!! Stayed with BA and did lots of jobs - MAD, AKL, SAO, MIA and then in Miami I was lucky enough to finally get agreement to get the package and left BA end of March 2001 - 5 weeks later was in LOS setting up Virgin Atlantic! 4 years in Nigeria and then spent just under 3 years with them in Jo’burg as their GM for Southern Africa. Did not want to return to the UK - yes it was going to be Crawley again - so jumped ship and joined Menzies as their VP Service Delivery and then their Commercial Director. After 8 years with Menzies I then moved to Nairobi for 2 years and am now the GM for low cost airline Fastjet Zimbabwe, based in Harare and loving the job and the country!!! Who knows where to next. Loved BCAL and all that we stood for and the people - haven’t managed to get to any reunions but have been in touch with lots of friends over the years.

Sally Bartle
(nee Henley) 17/09/13
I was with BCAL from 1970 to 1979, first in R&D and then Flight Ops. Good to see some familiar names, e.g. Laurie Price and Linda Isted. Would love to make contact with some old friends and colleagues. Does anybody know where Shirley Dyer and Christine Brookes are? I know Christine moved to Leeds but originally came from Redhill.

Ronald L Bartley  (19/08/13)
Sadly Ronald passed away on 2nd November 2012. Ronald's flying career started when he volunteered for the RAF in 1938; Aircrew selection took place at Sywell near Northampton. He had already gained a DFC whilst at 50 sqdn when he was transferred to 627 pathfinder sqdn flying mosquitos. Whilst with 627 sqdn he added a bar to his DFC. He carried on flying for the RAF until the late 40’s or early 50’s when he became a civil pilot. Ronald also flew Pope John Paul II when BCal undertook those flights in 1982. I was not long after that he retired from service with BCal.

Betty Barton
Sadly Betty passed away during October 2015. Our sincere condolences go out to Betty's family, friends and former colleagues.  Betty was an institution in Engineering, on the Ramp, on the admin side. She had many years' service and was very well respected by the Engineers.  Betty's service was held on 13th November 2015 at Worthing Crematorium, Findon, West Sussex

Robin (Dick) Barton  30/04/13
We learn the sad news that Dick passed away on Sunday 28th April 2013, our best wishes and thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Ian Batchelor  17/04/17
I joined in 1985 as an aircraft loader, then went on to crew operations. I moved to Heathrow in 2005. I am currently in worldwide scheduling. Completed 30 years in March 2015.

Mary Batchelor, nee Robertson 20/10/17
Mary sadly passed away on 19 October 2017. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Mary flew with BUA between 1966 and 1970. Her service was held at Rhu Church in Glasgow on 24th October 2017. A nice photo of Mary, attending a BUA reunion in 2016, can be found here

Audrey Bateman  09/06/17     
I joined BCAL in 1972 and was there for almost 10 years, mainly in Advertising and Promotions.  During that time I worked with some great people and made some very good friends.  Since retiring in 2010, and having more time on my hands now, I can keep in touch with a number of them but it is always sad to hear of the passing of colleagues.  Those really were the Good Old Days.

Roy Bates 27/12/14
Sadly Roy passed away on 25th December 2014. Our sincere condolences go out to Sylvia, Roy's family, friends and former colleagues. Sadly Roy had been ill for some time and slipped away late in the afternoon. Roy worked as a Passenger Fares Superintendent for BUA in the late 1960's and attended the 1970 IATA conference in Honolulu for BUA, before progressing to Passenger Tariffs Manager for BCal. Roy retired in the late summer of 1987.  Roy Remembered

Norman Beale 31/01/13
Sadly Norman passed away suddenly at home, aged 66. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues. Norman worked for BUA in Load Control/Ships Papers, starting in 1968 and went on to be Ships Paper Supervisor then a Redcap and Ramp Controller with BCAL and BA. Norman's service was held on Friday 8th February at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium.  From Wendy Dudley 01/03/2013   A huge thank you to everyone for their messages of condolence and especially to those who attended the funeral service for Norman and ensured that the occasion was a wonderful celebration to remember him.

Tony Bearman    BCAL from 1976-1988 then BA at LHR  Great memories!!

Fiona Beatt (nee Tester)
Hi to everyone - I joined BUA in 1970 and then wore the 'Hunting McRae' for Caledonian Airways as an air hostess, leaving in 1975 after marrying and becoming pregnant very soon afterwards. I agree with everyone and look back on those times with fond and exciting memories, fantastic times in Rio (loved the made to measure bikinis) and attempting to ski in Chile (hopeless at that). Wonderful times at the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, and horrible times at the Airport Hotel (so called) in Freetown! I am so grateful for the opportunities I had to travel and work with some wonderful people at BCAL.  Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of Marylyn Tennent  and Gill Beaumont? I have tried to find them, no joy so far. Love the site, thank you so much, hope to be at the reunion in November.

Leonard Bebchick  02/09/19
A Washington aviation and corporate lawyer, I was retained by Caledonian in 1962 to secure the first US license authorizing a foreign charter carrier to perform US international charter services. That led to representing Caledonian & BCAL before ATLB/CAA and Hong Kong ATLA. Aside from acting as legal counsel on many matters, I served as Caledonian/BCAL Joint Company Secretary 1966-88 and as a British Caledonian Group Director 1978-88. Wonderful challenges, experiences and personal satisfaction.

Alan Beck  09/10/15
I am a former A&C apprentice (1969-1973) and son of Bryce (Brian) Beck - A&C engineer, inspector and training school instructor from the formation of BUA through to retirement in 1986. Sadly, Brian passed away in April 2002. I left BCal on completion of my apprenticeship to join Laker for around 18m before taking up a role with Air Malawi when they acquired ASIW.

Tom Beck  09/12/23  Tom Remembered
Sadly we learn that Tom passed away, aged 80, on 23rd November 2023 following an accident whilst working on the hangar for his light  aircraft in West Sussex. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Peta, his family, friends and former colleagues.

Mary Beckenham (now Knight) 14/08/14
I joined August 1987 and had 8 glamorous months with BCal and then we merged with British Airtours at Gatwick....I'm still flying in Euro Fleet at Heathrow! If there are any photos around of my AB Initio course I'd really appreciate a look!

Carol Beckwith (now Robinson) 28/12/22 
Sadly Carol passed, aged 68, on Christmas Day 2022, after a long illness. My sincere condolences to her husband Mike, daughter Sophie, her family, friends and former colleagues. Carol worked for BCal as an Air Hostess in the '70's and 80's then for BA after the 'merger'. Carol Remembered

Brian J Beesley 
I joined BCAL from Swissair in 1984 as Senior Sales Executive and Assistant Airport Manager in Riyadh, KSA. Then in sales/marketing at Gatwick in British Caledonian Aviation Associates (GSAs). In 1986 I trained as a management consultant and became an Independent Aviation Consultant specializing in airline start up and expansion projects.

Sandra Beeson (then Darlow) 14/07/17
Sandra passed away peacefully in early July, aged 75, after a long battle with cancer. My sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues. Sandra's service was held on Thursday 20th July at Worthing Crematorium (Findon). Sandra Remembered

Sandra's original entry:- I really miss BCAL and would love to attend a reunion sometime. I worked for Ray Dobson, Personnel & Industrial Relations Director, from 1971 until he died and then worked for the Chairman and MD until 1989.  Loved every hectic minute and didn't want BA to make me redundant!!

Captain Dave Belasco 06/08/15
Sadly Dave has passed away, our sincere condolences go to Dave's family, friends and former colleagues. Dave was a Captain with BCal before moving to the BA B744 fleet.  Dave's service was held on 27th August 2015 at St Peter and St Paul Church, Hellingly; with a gathering after at the nearby Blackstock Farm. Anthony Cowan recalls He was one of my best mates before I came to Spain and was godfather to one of my sons and also my Best Man.

Shirley Bell (now Morton)  29/07/15
I joined BUA in May, 1965.   I always thought it amusing that I originally applied to Caledonian and failed their interview; of course subsequently they got me anyway when they took us over!

I had no idea that on that first day in the Hermes I would end up eventually standing there running courses for following new intakes!   This, of course, came after a number of years flying Viscounts, Brits, 1-11 and VC10.  Some more memorable trips were on the London - Sydney marathon carrying the press reporters; the Haj from Afghanistan to Jedda for 6 weeks; South America of course, VSO flights and the wonderful charters taking folk to see their loved ones in Canada etc. I was involved in the exodus from both Uganda and Nairobi in the 60's - an experience never to be forgotten.  Another memorable group of flights were from Aden, often bringing dead soldiers in the hold and comforting their relatives on board.

Having joined the training department I thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of training in the winter and flying in the summer.  Apart from numerous ab initio courses we trained South American girls, and a special course of Ugandans to crew Idi Amin's executive jets. I had to resign when I was pregnant with my first born, not being allowed to be married in those days, let alone pregnant!   How times change.   At least I could then wear my wedding ring.  Wonderful memories and wonderful years.

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Ruth Bullock (nee Penney)
Sadly Ruth passed away on Tuesday 14th July 2015. She was a BUA receptionist and lived locally to Gatwick. Our sincere go out to Ruth's family, friends and former colleagues. Ruth's service was held on 29th July at The Friary Church of St Francis and St Anthony, Crawley, followed by a committal at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.  A gathering was held at the nearby Heathy Farm afterwards. Ruth is remembered well by Bernie Raftis who sent condolences.

Sue Burns (now Wolsey) 
Lovely to see many familiar names.  I joined BCAL Sales/Marketing in 1976 (taken on by Denis Long and saddened to hear of his recent death, very kind man although he had a booming voice!)  I remember when Denis and his wife Ann went out to Sierra Leone and I had a lovely holiday with them, along with Lyn Ewart (as was).  Anyway, I worked in Sales right up until April 88 with lovely bosses such as Rohan Alce, Alan Painter and of course my old mate Barbara Pattison (have seen her around from time to time as we both live in Crawley). After BCAL I went to Dan Air where I saw a few ex-BCAL-ers, and stayed there until they were taken over by BA (was it something I said???), after that in the wilderness working for several non-aviation companies (boring!).  Back in 1999 I joined the Trade Union - TGWU based at the Horley Office dealing with the Gatwick Airport union members, so often see names cropping up from way back then. I still send Christmas cards to a number of former colleagues so get to hear how others are getting on.  I did enjoy my time at BCAL and now that I am about to retire early (my husband Mike retires this spring), when we hope to move down to the New Forest with all the Nags, if we get online I will certainly check the website again and download some addresses. In the meantime I will leave my work email address.

David Burr  19/03/15   
Great site. I joined BCAL in 1979 when the DC10's were grounded. Went for my interview with Ron Gunner, very tense situation waiting for Ron to finish whatever paperwork he was doing so to break the ice, looking at the DC10's in , I think it was hangar 5, I said " I bet they're getting well serviced now". Ron sat up, glared at me and said, " They're always bloody well serviced". Well I got the job, starting in the Engine  Bay. Never have I enjoyed work so much, in particular when I progressed to Duty Planning Engineer after much encouragement from dear Paul Trice who gave me the confidence to attempt such a move.. God Bless you Paul. Could go on for ages. To any old colleagues who remember me, would love to hear from you

Ann Butler (nee Westlake)    It is with sadness that we learn that Ann passed away on August 2nd 2008, our condolences to Ann's family and friends.

This message from Gilly Matthews,
Of the very many great people I met and worked with over the years, a wonderful and  lifelong friend was Ann Westlake. It is with huge regret that I have to inform you that Ann died on August 2nd 2008 at the Royal United Hospital, in Bath, UK. She leaves a husband and two children. She was  53 years old…much, much too young. If you remember Ann, and what a genuinely lovely, funny person she was, please raise a glass to her memory.  Thank You.

Ann's Guestbook entry
Flew as cabin crew from May 1973 until March 1984. Still miss the camaraderie and all those late night chats in the galley sitting on an upturned canister!

Riaz Butt (Ron Butt) 
I worked for British Caledonian Airways engineering, Ramp and Base, from 1970 till my early retirement in 1994 from BA . Before that I worked for British Eagle till its demise in 1968. Would like to get in touch with any old mates. Best wishes to all.

Roslyn Byers (now Beeston) 
Sister of Audrey Bateman, Advertising and Promotions, and sister-in-law of Ann Beeston and Sally Beeston, Hosties (BCal was a real family affair for us).  I joined BCal in March 1971 and was on the first ‘Hosties’ VC10 course to go into the tartan uniform (Mackellar) - Sandra Clegg where are you???  I still have my original course photo, if anyone would like to have a look I can forward a copy.  Emigrated to Australia in1986 and after working for BA in Canberra and Brisbane am now in customer service with Qantas at Brisbane International where I worked with Chris Guyler until recently.  If anyone is passing through Brissy, please say Hi!

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Graham Broadbridge 22/06/22  Graham Remembered
It is with great sadness that Graham passed on 22nd June 2022. My sincere condolences go to his wife Noddy, their family, friends and former colleagues. Sadly Graham had been unwell for some time but declined rapidly in the few weeks. RIP Graham.

Emory G. Brockway  12/04/18
Sadly we have heard that Emory passed away aged 75 on 8th April 2018 in Galveston Texas, he had been poorly for some time. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Emory was based in Houston and was there at the start of the LGW - IAH run, and he also had connections to Atlanta too.  Former colleague Tony Plumridge remembers Emory "as a good friend".

Maria Shaw remembers Emory
Emory was Asst Mgr IAHBR  from Day #1 (later Mgr-ATLBR).  Alan Stronach was IAH Mgr+VP.  We saw Sir Adam many times at IAH (before he was a Sir!).  Tony Plumridge was our first BCal Trainer to come to  IAH (also Alistair from Scotland came too!) had great experience learning British/American differences!  We've stayed friends through the years.  Tony emailed me that Emory had passed away (I think it was Sunday 08APR).  He lived in Galveston TX.  Emory and I usually talked once a year or so.  We had a lot of laughs!  I did not realize he had been ill for several months maybe longer. I now regret not driving down to GLS to visit him.  Emory was a great boss and friend.  We worked hard and enjoyed a lasting friendship. He worked for Pan Am before BCal.

Captain Robin Brodie-James 11/11/20
Sadly Robin passed away in October 2020, aged 91, he had suffered a stroke a few months earlier.  Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Robin joined in 1961 and completed his 25 years service before retiring from the A310 fleet. Robin Remembered

Marjory Rose Brogan (now Jacobson)  04/02/13
I joined BCAL in May 1974 and flew for 4 years.  I married Ken Jacobson in 1976, still happily married to him.  I have two daughters.  I'm a two time cancer survivor.  I am also fortunate enough to be a kept woman.

Ken Bromfield
I am sorry to say Ken, a Sales Executive with BCal (1978-1988) then BA, has passed on. My condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Ken's service was held at Stockport Crematorium on Monday 25 June 2018. Ken was highly respected in the Liverpool / Manchester area for his professionalism and well liked by his colleagues recalls David Watt.

Cindy Brookes (Now Platt) 07/03/15
Cabin crew from 1971-1976. I have some very happy memories. Those were the days. I am very proud to have worked for British Caledonian.  I would love to hear from anyone I flew with.

David Brooksbank
We have learned that David recently passed away in hospital in Norwich in early April 2010. He succumbed to the emphysema that he suffered from for three years. He was in his sixty-ninth year and our sympathies go to his family and friends. Details of David's memorial service

Buster Brown
Sadly we learn that Buster passed away at his home in Horsham on Sunday 19th July 2015. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time. Buster leaves a daughter, Jacqueline, two grandchildren, and a great-grandson. Buster's service was held on 10th August, details can be found Buster Remembered

Richard Brown 
I came across this site looking up my favourite aircraft, the VC10. Starting my apprenticeship with British Eagle at Heathrow in 1968. Following the demise of BE, a few of us were taken on by BUA at Gatwick. The first year we spent in the machine shop, our instructor was great chap, Les Jupp. After that, I was assigned to the BAC 1-11 hangar as an instrument tech apprentice. I was in "digs" at a house in Lowfield Heath, A Mrs Bruce my landlady. I lived in Camberley, and commuted home at the weekends. I made quite a few friends, Peter Cannacott and Graham "Oggy" Ogden amongst them, just wonder where they are now. Oggy and I used to lift share between our respective homes in Camberley and Addlestone at weekends.

There were a few incidents whilst assigned to the BAC 1-11 hangar, the one of note involved the inflatable escape chute rig in the corner of the hangar. A group of flight attendants (all female) turned up in their BCAL Tartan uniforms to practice jumping from the rig down the slide, (of course all work ceased to observe). One girl screamed as she went down. It turned out she suffered burns as her underwear was not compatible with the slide material !

Whilst assigned to the VC10 hangar, I witnessed the sorry state of G-ARTA after its rough landing, with the fuselage bent up in the middle! I was also 'volunteered' to help with the polishing up of the B707 inaugural flight to JFK.

Post finishing my apprenticeship I was assigned to line maintenance on the North finger, so many stories to tell there but it would take a book! Amongst my friends and colleagues two deserve a mention, Desmond 'Des' Green and Chris Salole, who used to play skiffle bass with a tea chest,broom and string during quiet times.  I've looked through the names and couldn’t find them. I left before the BA takeover but will never forget those times!

Robert "Bob" Brown 03/12/21
Sadly Bob passed away on 26th November 2021 after a short battle with cancer. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Bob worked in Engineering for over 40 years BUA, BCal and BA. Bob's service was held at the Sussex & Surrey Crematorium on 13th December. Bob Remembered

Russell Brown
    It is with sadness that we learn that Russ passed away on 30th August 2009. Our sympathies go to his family and friends. Russell worked for BCal as Engineering Manager.

Sheila Brown (now Nutt)    16/03/14    1976 - 1982  A great airline, many fond memories of my time with BCAL!

Terry Brown 26/01/19
Sadly Terry passed on 24th January, my sincere condolences go out to his son Ken, family, friends and former colleagues. Terry, an Avionics Supervisor, started work with BUA and continued through BCal's operation on Line Engineering until the takeover in 1988. He also spent time overseas repairing stranded a/c so they could fly back to base. Terry's service was held on 12th February at the Surrey & Sussex crematorium, details and remembrances here  Terry Remembered.

Anne Browning 14/03/17
Sadly Anne passed away on 14th March 2017, at the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher. She had a recurrence of an earlier illness. My condolences go out to Anne's family, friends and former colleagues. BUA Traffic folks may remember her, Anne worked on the Flight Enquiries/Reservation desk in the original terminal when it was located near the train station entrance. Anne's service was held on 3rd April at Randall’s Park Crematorium, Leatherhead.

Erika Browning   I worked in Cabin Services, original Caledonian Airways from 1969 until 1982 - a great 13 years.

Shaun Browning 12/11/23   Shaun Remembered
Sadly Shaun passed away on 1st November 2023. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Shaun joined Transair at Gatwick in the late 50’s after five years in the RAF. He left BUA but later joined British Caledonian as part of a new team called the Duty Planning Engineers in 1979 and remained in Engineering until BA took over. Shaun's original crew room entry: Ex Transair 1960-1964 Avionics, remember DC3's Viscounts and Islanders saw in the creation of BUA with Sir Freddy. Returned as a DPE in Materials in 78 till the dreaded merger in 88. Stuck two years with the Giant then returned to LGW with the next best airline Virgin, still not a patch on BCAL and no airline will ever surpass it.

Alex Bryant (now Dumbrell)    Now with VAA

Captain Walter Brunn 10/04/14
Sadly Walter passed away on 8th April 2014. Our sincere condolences to Walter's family, friends and former colleagues. Wally was a 707 Captain for BCal. Walter Remembered

David Buckley  25/06/18
Sadly David passed away in September 2016 after a short battle with cancer.  David was the Ground Ops and Logistics Manager for BCal until the merger with BA. David's son Andy recalls his Dad always had lots of stories about BCal and he was fortunate to join him on many business trips as a young 10-13 year old.

Sue Buckley (nee Kirkby) 01/10/12     I joined BCal in July 1984. I would love to hear from anyone who knows me and would like to catch up!!!

Tina Budd (now Cornish)  01/03/15 
I joined BCal in November 1983 as Cabin Crew.  My dream job and I spent Ten Years based out of Gatwick flying with a tremendous bunch of people.  I left in 1993, then as Purser with British Airways (got me as part of the merger).  Would love to hear from anyone that might remember me.

Mike Bull
Aviation is in the blood. My father, Vic joined Jersey Airlines from the RAF in 1960 and went on to work with BUA and BCAL in senior management. I took up the mantle in 1982 in passenger services and continue with BA today in Aircraft Dispatch. However I feel my time in Cale was unique with a great bunch of people and a fierce loyalty to the company. Would love to hear from anyone else out there!

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