Maureen Abel 21/04/12
It was a wonderful Memorial Service to Sir Adam and so nice to meet up again with old friends. Yes, it is an excellent idea to start this page. I hope you will receive many ex-BCAL visitors! I will certainly pass the message on to those I still see. Kind regards to anyone who remembers me. I joined BUA in September 1965, continued with BCAL and then BA and am now retired. Mo Abel (Ex CSD).

Mahamud bin Ahmad 04/12/10
I am writing on behalf of my father, Mahamud bin Ahmad. He worked in the BCal office in Singapore from 1972 to 1976. The Country Managers he worked for were Martin Harewood and Jeff Youtan. He has great memories working for BCal, and to me it was the most satisfying job that he has ever had. He always mentioned that he learned the most during his time in the company. Coupled with good working environment and colleagues, his memories of the company are fond ones. My mother and I were disappointed when he decided to leave the company. If anyone wants to get in touch with him, please drop me a mail at The website is wonderful and the fond memories of everyone is very heart-warming. BCal was a great company with a big heart, which even a 10 year old boy felt back then, Ahmad Kamal Mahamud

Ray Ahmed 02/07/22
Sadly Ray, an MT driver for BCal and BA, from 1970 - 1989, passed 26/06/22. My sincere condolences to go his family, friends and former colleagues.

Tracy Abdel-nabi   Sadly Tracy was lost in the tsunami on 26th December 2004 whilst on holiday with her family in Thailand. Our sincere condolences to her family, family & former colleagues.

Brian Ablett  07/03/15
An excellent piece of work. A history that was so much a part of my life from 1970 (BUA) to the end of BCAL .... plus one year with British Airways after the takeover. A tremendous effort! It must have taken a lot of dedication and research. Keep it up and lets hope the site is well viewed with contributions from around the world!

Kathy Acton 04/11/18
Sadly Kathy passed away on 3rd November 2018, aged 71, after a short spell in hospital. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and former colleagues. Kathy started flying around 69/1970 going on to BCal and then BA. Kathy's service was held on 11th December 2018. It was a simple affair with only family present, this was according to her wishes. Richard, her beloved brother, has passed on the information that Kathy's ashes will be buried under a Cherry Blossom Tree on 20th December 2018, in Clayton Wood Burial Ground. (Map). If anyone would like to pay Kathy their respects, her brother suggests a visit in the Spring, when the dark days are gone, and the cherry blossom is in full bloom. Ashes plot, 1062/R249, South of Oak Tree.

Kaye Adams (then Barrett now Matthews)  03/01/16
In 1961 Kaye joined BUA at 36 Piccadilly as Secretary to John Elston and Robbie Roberts in the Overseas Contracts group. She moved to The Overseas Contracts Group transferred to LGW as a part of the Marketing and Sales Department the following year. In 1964 Kaye married Michael Barrett, BUA cargo loadmaster and took time off to look after their children. She re-joined BUA in 1968 to work for George Broom, Manager, Associated Companies. Now in BCal Kaye married Stuart Matthews, BCAL General Manager, Corporate Planning in 1974 and moved with him to live in the USA. Kaye is still living in USA, close to Washington D.C.  and visits England regularly and would love to meet up with former colleagues.

Trevor Adams
  Sadly Trevor passed away in March 2014. My sincere condolences to Trevor's family, friends and colleagues.

Trevor's original Crew Room Entry (from Aug 2008): I was in engineering with Airwork - BUA - BCal from 1955 to 1988, stayed with BA until 1994 when I retired. BUA and BCal were both good airlines, which is more can be said for BA! I knew your dad very well Dave, and one of the lasting memories I have of Ron was the time we spent at Long Beach on the DC10, as we invariably had too many jars! I was on line or outstations for most of my working life, and met Dennis Long and his family when I did a stint in Uganda, Idi Amin was causing havoc at the time and Dennis was quite a help to me and my family. Sorry to hear (belatedly) that he has passed away. Regards to the many names on your tribute sheet that I worked with, in one way or the other.

Jan Adelsbury 28/11/09
Joined BCal cabin crew in 1978 and had the most amazing time till the merger in '88. Stayed with BA as CSD at LGW till 2001 then defected to LHR and finally retiring Dec 2009. My whole career has been wonderful and that's mostly down to the crews I've had the privilege of working with -plus of course the odd beach and bar!

Arthur Adsett 13/04/17
Sadly Arthur, who was an MT driver and later supervisor, has passed away. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Arthur's service was held on the 24th April 2017 at Worthing Crematorium. Arthur Remembered.

Sonia Afriat (now Itzcovitz) 21/04/17
I worked for British Caledonian Airways, in their Paris town agency office, as a counter agent, for 5 years (from 1976 to 1982). The town office was in one of the best parts of Paris.

June Aird (03/20)
Sadly June passed away on 8th March 2020. June joined the ranks of BCal Cabin Crew (Long Haul) in November 1985. She also took part in the BCal / BA merger gatherings around Westminster in 1987. June continued her career with BA after the merger. My condolences to family, friends and former colleagues

Brian Aitchison   
I was taken on by Peter Steel on the 6th May 1974 at EDI and finally left to work at GLA in '78. Ray Hunt was the first person at EDI to wear a Tartan Jacket, while Jack Williams and I stayed in the black uniform. I didn't change to a tartan jacket until I moved to the Training Section (Fleming Way, Crawley) at LGW in '84. Between '74 and '77 I was, what they used to call, a Station Officer which covered Load Control, Coupon Control and Baggage Services. I then moved into Cargo (EDI) from 77 to 78/79, when I moved back home to Glasgow and became the Cargo Supervisor of the new Cargo Unit until '84, when I moved to LGW as a Cargo Training Officer, where I stayed till the end. I've had various jobs within BA, both at LGW and LHR over the years since 87/88, however my present job brought me back to LGW 18 months ago and I am currently in InFlight Service as a Cabin Crew Duty Operations Manager. Thankfully I have managed to dodge the bullet quit a few times over the years and as of the 6th May 2009, I have held on for 35 Years. I hope I can keep going till I retire. My years at Edinburgh are very special to me and I have not forgotten the people in the photographs and the times spent there, mostly at Turnhouse as I only spent about a year at the new and current airport. I occasionally speak to Jack Williams and up to the beginning of this year renewed contact with Peter Steel (both retired now) and Ray Hunt, however I lost touch with the rest of the team i.e. the girls and the Engineers. Although I have now spent more time with BA, my years in BCAL will always be the most special.

Keith Aitken 07/03/15
Great idea. This is a smooth and professional tribute. Reflections and memories do us good, even when everyone has moved on to new horizons. The trick is to embrace the present as we enjoy our past. Always a pleasure to meet former colleagues wherever, whenever. My reflections include Caledonian JFK 69-71, (w/ Alan Stronach, Ron Watson, Andy Geary-Stevens, Mike Kidd, Tom Houston and Tim Gibson), travelling 71-73, Laker LGW 73-77, Laker JFK 77-78, SABENA ATL 78-80, BCAL ATL 80-87 (w/ Brian Robbins and Nancy Mortensen), BA ATL 87-96, BA CLT 96-to-02, BA MCO 03-07, BA ATL 07-09, then very retired to Charlotte NC. Found this site through Tim Gibson, long-time buddy at British Eagle LHR 65-67, then Cal at JFK together. Sir Adam is gone. The airline he founded is gone. Neither is forgotten ... The people he inspired have gone on to wider worlds ...

John Akenhead  08/11/14
I joined BCal in November 1971 working in Baggage Facilities up to the time of the BA merger / takeover (call it what you will !!). After I transferred to BA and left them in 1992. I returned to Gatwick in 1995 working for Servisair (also Baggage Facilities) and there were some former BCal employees there too. 

Rohan Alce 03/06/17
Happily retired since 2013 after 47 years in the airline business. After BCal I spent time with Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Express, British Midland/bmi, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Etihad and Oman Air. I am claiming my employment by four Gulf airlines as a record until someone challenges it! The best days without doubt were the early days of Caledonian, then BCal, closely followed by my time with Virgin Atlantic during their rapid expansion after BCal's demise. Still in touch with a large number of BCal folks. Great site.

Colin Alexander 
I worked with Caledonian Airways in PWK and then moved to LGW with Caledonian/BUA and then BCAL. Moved to USA in 85 and am still there now with BA. Best wishes to all ex Cale folks. Colin retired from BA effective from 1st May 2015.

Lawrence (Loz) Allan
Married to Linda Allan nee Albone. Currently flying with EasyJet on the B737 out of LGW. Enjoyed my time with BCAL immensely having flown the 1-11 and the DC10. Finished up before the merger as the Project and Development pilot on the 1-11 and as an IRE/TRE. To be frank no other airline I have worked for compares with BCAL in every sense - perhaps one shouldn't keep making comparisons. Nevertheless both Linda and I have some fond memories and that's worth a lot.

Julie Alldridge  (now Splarn) 18/02/23 Updated email (entry from 07/03/15)
I worked for BCAL (the best airline in the world) from 1981 until the end. A very sad time and still is when I think about the great times we had on route, and in all the departments that I worked. I now work at the GAT at Gatwick and keep in touch with a few old faces but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! A fantastic site - keep it going!

Pete Allen  19/01/22 (BCal Engineering)
Sadly Pete passed away on 4th January 2022. My sincere condolences go to his family, friends and former colleagues. Pete was an Engineering Supervisor in Hangar 6, formerly with Laker. Pete's service was held on 25th January 2022 at Clayton Woods Burial Ground. Pete Remembered

Una Allman (nee Tooth) 
1964/1966 Joined BUA as an Air Hostess as we were called in those days.. Flew Herald, Viscount, Britannia, DC6, VC10 BAC 1-11. 1979/80 as Golden Oldie for British Caledonian, 1981 Children's Escort (Auntie), 1990 Crew Control Gatwick then Crew Control LHR retired in 1999. I always loved flying and obtained my PPL in 1974 and still fly my Piper L4 Cub today. Not bad for an oldie ! BUA/BCAL best days of my life.

Sandra Almeyda  08/10
I joined BCAL in 1979. I have worked at the Reservations Office in Buenos Aires. Great time and wonderful company. Even though we worked hard, we really had fun! Remember some people in CRC: Steve Brett, Simon Morgan, Tom and Anne (can’t remember their last names!) and John & Rita Zareba from LGW

Stewart Almond  08/2015
Sadly Stewart passed away, aged 62, in August 2015. Stewart worked in the ticket office at Manchester Airport, firstly for British United then BCAL and then BA

Mick Alström  29/01/21
Sadly Mick passed away on 26th January 2021. Mick was a flight engineer on the 707 and DC-10. He started out as an apprentice for General Aircraft and RAF, then went on to fly with Eagle, Kuwait Airways, BUA, BCal and finally British Airways. Mick Remembered

Patricia Amann-Geisler  03/01/2011  
I joined BUA as cabin crew in 1970, then obviously onto BCal until March 1973 - please let me know of any future reunions, it would be fun to meet ex-colleagues

Keith Ambridge
I have spent the happiest 10 years of my working life working for BCAL, between 1978 and 1988 in Engineering. I was lucky enough to meet Sir Adam at his home briefly before his illness took hold, then later I met his wife and two sons in a restaurant in Sussex the week Sir Adam passed away, a sad time for them and a cherished time for me, anything to do with BCAL brings back many fond memories, that I will never forget. I now work for the so called 'Worlds favourite Airline' but really I once worked for a real airline. It would be nice to hear from anyone who knew me. BCAL will always be a part of our lives and in our hearts, Bless you all

Neil Ambrose 25/12/23
Pax Svcs 73-88.Now Servisair via Ogdens and BA. Found this wonderful site from Bob Manning via Howard Meridith. Nothing can compare.....

Andy Anderson (Flight Engineer) 03/04/15
Sadly Andy passed away on Thursday 26th March 2015, aged 77, my sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.  Andy was in hospital for a knee operation but contracted an infection which was too much for his defences to take sadly.  Andy's service was held on 10th April at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium. Andy Remembered

Captain Andy Anderson 14/05/20
It is with sadness we learn that Andy has passed away. Though gratefully his passing, aged 97, was peaceful at his home in Perth, Australia on 13th May 2020.
My sincere condolences go out to his son Chris (BUA Maintenance), family, friends and former colleagues. Andy's career spanned the world of Military and Civil, having served in WWII he racked up 28,000 flying hours by his retirement; the VC10 being is favourite a/c to fly. Andy Remembered

Andy's original Crewroom entry from April 2015: After the war I returned to the UK and joined Airwork Ltd in 1949, having spent the in between years flying for Australian National Airways. I retired from BCal in 1975 having seen it through many name changes such as Transair, BUA and BCal. I flew Vikings for Airwork, and then Viscounts, Brits and the VC10 for BUA and then finally the 707 when we became BCAL. Andy was one of the skippers assigned to the famous Freddy Laker Rolls Royce tour of Africa. Andy moved on to Kuwait Airways, simply to make a bit of extra money for my final retirement in 1982, as the 707 Chief Training Captain and finished his days back on the line flying the 747 as Kuwait Airways fleet manager. Andy and wife Carol, a former BUA f/a retired home to Margaret River, Western Australia where they both ran a very successful restaurant before returning to my home town of Perth Western Australia, which of course is the best place on earth to live. I'm now pushing 93 and hoping for a few more years.

Chris Anderson 02/11/14 (Captain Andy's son)
I was one of the 1965 BUA (actually it was still ATL) Apprentice intake and left BCAL in 1974 for a job offer in Vancouver with Pacific Western Airlines. I recently met up with long-time friend, Bob Cooper, who, whilst on holiday visiting us in Vancouver gave me the site link. I had a great time catching up with old friends from BUA Maintenance as well as the apprentices from 1965 at the 2013 reunion

I left BCAL in 1974 and moved to Vancouver where I worked for Pacific Western Airlines on Convair 640’s, B-737’s and the early B-767. The Engineering dept. relocated lock stock and barrel to Calgary in 1985. After purchasing Wardair and several other smaller regional airlines in 1989 PWA purchased Canadian Pacific Airlines to form Canadi>n Airlines (that’s how it was spelled). The war between the former government owned Air Canada and Canadi>n Airlines commenced shortly thereafter and I departed the company in 1994 to take up a career in Labour Relations on the union side. I have many fond memories of my time at LGW and the folks that I worked with.

Hugh Anderson 15/06/14
Sadly Hugh, who worked in the Planning Division of BCAL in Caledonian House, passed away at the age of 61 after a year-long hard fought battle against cancer. Our sincere condolences go to the family. Hugh's service was on Monday 23rd June 2014 at St Marks Church, Peaslake, Guildford. A reception was held afterwards at the Hurtwood Inn.

Jack Anderson
I was the asst. manager of the West Coast operation of Caledonian with Roger Woods.  I worked the same job through the Caledonian-BUA change over and into the British Caledonian cycle. With the beginning of scheduled service to L.A. I took the job of airport supervisor. Stayed there until the company was forced to close. I still keep in touch with a couple of old friends in the U.K. I would like to hear from anyone out there who remembers the good old wild days. It's a wonder I'm not pickled. Don't drink anymore, had more than my share. Left the Airlines and obtained a Master's degree in education. Still teaching and really love it. I now live in Las Vegas and have a room for any ex-BCAL who wish to visit. Look forward to hearing from old friends and colleagues.

Mick Anderson   Mick was a loader with BCal and sadly passed away in March 2011, he was only 52. Mick's funeral was held at Worthing church and it was very well attended.

Shelagh Anderson  06/01/11
I joined BCAL as Cabin Crew in March 1972 and left for a career in ATC in 1981. I Flew on B707, VC10, BAC 1-11 and DC-10 on all BCAL routes. I wore the McRae and Graham of Montheith tartans. I am divorced with two grown-up children, live in Ascot and work at the new ATC Centre in Swanwick as an AFISO but I am taking early retirement in Feb 2011 to return to the world of flying. I am joining British Airways as a CSM on their new mixed fleet, flying on B777 and A320 routes. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me and anyone who is also returning to flying from BCAL.

Dick Angel (S/F/E)  24/05/20
Sadly we learn that Dick, a former Senior Flight Engineer, passed away on the 23rd May 2020 after a collapse at home the weekend before.  My sincere condolences go out to his daughter Samantha, family, friends and former colleagues. Dick Remembered

Marjorie Anglesea 11/04/24
New Entry
Joined Caledonian cabin staff in 1969, moved to Canada (Toronto area) later that year where Fred Fenton was a great help in “repatriating” me.  Re-joined Caledonian in 1970, leaving BCAL in 1980 as a Purser on the DC-10. Moved to Houston, Texas in late 1980, went back to school, worked free-lance in the computer field, doing programming, communications, etc. Then managed a Medical Library and Computer Center for 19 years before retiring in 2010. Loved my flying years and the great people I worked with.

Susanne Anhaeuser
Been with BCAL 1984-1988! The best airline I ever worked for, travelled on! Please give us more pictures - especially of our uniforms!  BCAL Greatest Airline ever! Would love to hear from anybody who worked at FRA until 1988 ....
Priscilla Ann Davies
I'm one of the BCal girls, who would like to regain contact with the old crowd, I started with Iran Air, then BCal, and after the takeover by B.A. for a few more years, with B.A. We are living in NW France now, so if anybody who knew Priscilla from way back, and would like to remake contact with her, she would welcome them. The fabulous, Susan Dempsey, Nancy Jones, the lovely Tim Williamson, Tom Mormon, Karen Sherwin, Helen Whiting, and others, what happened to them, and where are they now?

Jonathan (Jon) Anquetil
Flew with BUA on Dart Heralds and then various Airlines until rejoining BCAL on 111s and was "retired" in 83 when I was FO on 707s Was very sad to leave a Great Airline and great friends, but at least I missed its destruction by BA. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and the last days of the 707 Also if anyone knows what happened to Lin Poole or where she is now?

Les Anstey 24/10/21
Sadly Les passed away after a short illness. Les worked for BCal in Engineering. He was very well liked and hugely respected for many achievements and a font of knowledge. His funeral was held on 10th November 2021 at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium. Les Remembered

Laurie Aplin 
As far as my career with CA/BCAL is concerned. I started in Feb.64 in Imperial Buildings, Horley (when we had one DC7C) as Capt Pat Holt's secretary. I hated every minute as my first task was to take Hadj Meeting minutes. I had no idea of the names of the people attending and what was zum zum water and who or what was Alhaji Baba Danbappa??? I left in March '79 (15 years later so it can't all have been bad!). During those years I worked in Planning (anyone remember my beautiful transatlantic programmes?), was secretary to Frank Hope for a while and ended up as secretary to Ron Lewis (Company Secretary). Many, many happy memories of places, people and tasks.
Pete Aplin and I married in 1979 and our first son was born that year.

Pete Aplin
Sadly Pete passed away in 2006 after five years of ill health. He worked for CA/BCAL/BA from 1965 till a little after the BA takeover and only retired as Chief Engineer of DAS Air in early 2006.

Richard Appelbaum
I organized many charter flights from US colleges and universities in the period 1959 - 1965, using Caledonian turbo prop aircraft. I worked closely with John Sikes and Alan Stronach in the NY offices of the airline. I would like to obtain a photo or postcard of a Caledonian aircraft for my visual autobiography. Best wishes, Richard.

Maureen Aris (nee Gordon) 17/09/08
What a wonderful family we have in BCAL!  I am still in contact with may ex-colleagues.  Viv Izzard, Guy LeSueur. Lyn Hutton (Barnard), Barbara Patterson, Keith Farmer. Recently met up with Dedrie Drewett and Sylvia Morant at a milestone birthday gathering for Viv Izzard!  Last year (November 2003). Mrs Money Monk died (cashiers LGW) - I spent many a happy hour with her in Truro.  I have visited the site before, but this is the first time I have made contact.   I worked in CRC, PTS's at LGW, London Ticket desk - both Victoria and Regent Street - Field Sales S.W England (George Scowen Sales Manager) for 6 years - finally Agents Enquiries/Fares at Caledonian House.  Now live in Lincolnshire having retired on ground of ill health from Railtrack!  BCAL gave me the best years of my life and   great lifelong friends.  Would love to hear from people who knew me in the "good old days".  Update:  Bought a house in France 2005, now live part of the time there.  Lynn Barnard (Hutton) lives with her family close by.

It is with sadness we learn that Maureen's friend Joyce Branson passed away on 27th Oct 2010

Captain Bryan Armstrong
Sadly Bryan passed away on 14th January 2011. My sincere condolences to his family, friends & former colleagues. He flew with both BCal and later BA. On 1st November 1982 Bryan commanded G-AZPZ on BCal's first scheduled BAC 1-11 service to Geneva from Gatwick (and then back later the same day).

Chris Arnold   Sadly Chris passed away in September 2013, aged a very young 59, after a long battle with cancer. He will be missed by many.

Chris's original crew room entry: I joined BCAL Ticket Desk LGW from BA in 1977. A great couple of years, with fond memories of the rabbit hutch desk and split screen computers. Now in business travel. My wife, Linda, joined cabin crew in 1982 and her entry is below.

Linda Arnold (nee Marshall)  25/07/15
I joined as cabin crew in 1982 and flew as purser for BA on 747/777 ex LHR. Wherever we went I met ex BCAL crew still working. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers us.

Alan Ash
Started with BCAL in Houston Res in March '85. Went into training for a bit and ended up at IAH in '87. Sad to hear about Sir Adam, also "Rocky" who was BMOC in my time in Houston Res.10700 North Freeway will no longer be. The end of April closes the book on that part of our lives, when the Res office closes for the last time. The people who have left the building already, had a hard time walking out, knowing they will not be going back. I am still at IAH with B.A. and would like to hear from anyone who remembers "those good old days".

Margaret Ashpole
- 27/09/14
Sadly Margaret, wife of BCal Helicopters' Captain Bill Ashpole, passed away on the 26th September. Our sincere condolences go out to Bill, their daughter, two sons, family and friends. Sadly Margaret had been ill for some time.

Captain William "Bill" Ashpole 12/07/21
Sadly I have heard that Bill passed suddenly away on Saturday 10th July 2021 after suffering a heart attack. Bill headed up the Airlink Operation and then introduced the BCal Commuter services. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and former colleagues. Service news will be added when known. My thanks to Ricky Cuss for passing on the news. Bill Remembered

Alan Ashton     I worked for BCAL for 14 years as a cleaner. I have never quite been the same since it went !!!!!!

Barry Ashton
Great to find a site on BCAL, what memories. My history started with Silver City then BUA (CLAT),BCAL finally BA. Now have my own business in the Cotswolds. Remember the VC10? They are still flying around here, based at RAF Brize Norton

Ray Astridge  07/03/15 
Joined BUA at Gatwick in 1969 as an apprentice, survived numerous redundancy and takeover threats. Still on the airport with the world's favourite airline, looking after Airbuses'!. Recognised a few of the names in the guestbook. Are there any ex-apprentices out there who can remember the Crawley ITC and that Anson??. Lost track with all but a few of my year, does anyone have any news of apprentices from "G" entry??

Captain Douglas Atkins    Sadly Douglas passed away on Sept 8th 2008, our sympathies to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Douglas's original guestbook entry: Transair, BUA, BCAL, BA. 1956 to 1988. DC3, Viscount, Britannia, VC10, BAC 1-11. So many memories of wonderful days with great people. Times that can never be repeated in today's modern world. I would like to think there are still many of these old friends around who also remember me.  Signing guest book for second time. Capt. BAC 1-11 from 1971 to 1988. Previously First Officer on VC10, Britannia, Viscount and DC-3. Joined Transair, Croydon, 05th. November 1956 becoming BUA, BCAL and finally BA shortly before retirement. I miss the many friends I made, in all departments, over the years and would love to hear from any or all of them.

Vic Attwood   03/06/17
I joined Hunting Clan in 1958 in cargo having already been at Heathrow with various cargo agents since 1953. Became Cargo Supervisor on formation of BUA and finally Cargo Superintendent. Moved to Gatwick in December 1970 on formation of BCal and finished up with the title Manager Cargo Operations and Technical Services. Declined offer from BA to return to Heathrow in 1988 and freelanced as an advisor to BA, BAA, Manchester Airport and others. Retired to Inverness in 2005 but still actively involved in aviation as a member and Secretary of the Highland Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Soc. My wife - Audrey worked for Blue Sky Holidays (remember them!) Would be pleased to see anyone up here in the highlands on holiday

Angela Austin  (now Waller)  11/05/09 
I was never actually a crew member if British Caledonian, though I was with the parent airlines of BCal for some years. I joined Hunting-Clan on 20th May 1957 and left (by which time it had become British United Airways) on 29th June 1962. I had a wonderful time for all those years. Since then I've lived and worked around the world -- Libya (I met and married my American husband while working in Libya in 1966 and we often flew BCal in and out of Libya for some years), California, Texas, Canada I always try to get to the British United biennial reunion. I've just fulfilled a near lifelong ambition -- my first novel has been published! It was launched on 7th February 2009, called "The Snows of Yorkshire" and its doing well.

My next book is non-fiction and is called "Before There Were Trolley Dollies" and it was published on 3rd July 2009 and the 'info' on the back reads as follows:  "Angela Waller, who was an air hostess in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was considered a glamorous and highly sought after job, tells everything you ever wanted to know about what went on in that golden age of passenger flying. In this fascinating book, she shares her experiences and tells stories from the hilarious to the harrowing, the factual to the funny, about the famous and the gossip. And she tells how very different things were, back in those says before there were trolley dollies...."

Please see my website:   I'd be happy for anyone I knew when I was flying to get in touch with me through here or through my website.

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