The Coreen O'Flaherty Gallery (now Wilcox)

The following photos were kindly sent in by Coreen, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

For a Special Feature on the 1982 Papal Visit and BCal's part in it - please follow the link - 1982 Papal Visit
which includes more of Coreen's photos

This photo was taken after we got together for de-briefing a couple of days after the flights recollects Coreen.
Top row left to right:-
1) Valerie Todd (Trainer) 2) Ruth 3) Frankie 4) ? 5) Sandra 6) Jenny Leybourne 7) Liz Saunders 8) Brian Morgan (Trainer)

Middle Row left to right:-
1)? 2) Ginny 3) Penhair Carlotti 4) Karol Powrie 5) Sue ? 6) Heather Mories 7) Barbara Pattenden

Front Row left to right:-
1) Ann? 2) Penny Brentnall 3)? 4) Mary McGread 5) ? 6) Coreen O'Flaherty 7) Maggie Webb
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