Caledonian & Qantas Menu Cards - 1970

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In April 1970 a very large £4.3million charter was awarded by Qantas to Caledonian. Qantas had seen their 747 deliveries delayed, and rather than increase their fleet to cater for some 40,000 migrant passengers, they chartered the work to Caledonian.

(Note :  £4.3million in 1970 would be worth £56.4million in January 2014)

The flights were undertaken on behalf of ANZEFA, Australia & New Zealand Emigrants & Families Association who helped families relocate to Australia and New Zealand.

Qantas would bear certain costs, including the fuel. Though Qantas faced issues with the Australian Pilots Association, but these were resolved when it was accepted this work was a charter contract and not a lease

Over 220 flights were flown by the 707s between Europe and Australia during the 1 year contract. This contract soon heralded the opening of Caledonianís first office in Australia and also the appointment of a Far East and Australasia Regional Manager, who would be based in Kuala Lumpur.

But back to the charters, and some of the menu cards from those flights have recently come to light. Based on Qantas designs, they do bear the Caledonian name. I have included the menu for the long flight too; there are four different ones so far.
Cal 2/6.0 Cal 3/6.0 Cal 4/6.0
Cal 2/6.0 Cal 3/6.0 Cal 4/6.0