Caledonian Airways
Intoducing the Boeing 707-320C

Here we have a very nice piece of promotional material issued by Caledonian to announce their order for a new Boeing 707 aircraft.

In May 1966 a 2.58 million order was placed for Caledonian's first Boeing 707, this would soon be followed by orders worth 15 million in the following 18 months for  new aircraft and also for some from other carriers. 

The brochure heralds the introduction of the 707 into Caledonian's fleet, the start of a fleet presence that would last until 1984.

This was kindly sent in by Hugh Cowan for all to see, and I hope you enjoy what is now a very rare piece of aviation history too.

In Adam's introduction he says-

The policy of Caledonian Airways has been and always will be to offer its passengers the highest standards of comfort, speed, reliability and safety combined with economical fares and rates.

Obviously, to maintain standards we must have the finest aircraft in the world. That is why we have added the magnificent, 600 mph, Boeing 707-320C Intercontinental jet to our fleet.
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