Caledonian Airways 707 Model
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There is an ever growing market in retro models, but finding the original models from the period is getting harder and harder, and the further you go back the harder it gets.

So when this original period Caledonian Airways 707 model was offered to me on first refusal, it was hard to turn down.

Caledonian, primarily a charter airline, had to keep costs down and everything from menus to models is in short supply. Indeed, this is the first Caledonian model to join the collection.

In May 1966 Caledonian placed a 2.58million order for their first Boeing 707.

G-AVKA was handed over on 13th July 1967, but too late for that season of charters, so she was leased to Flying Tigers for eight months.

She finally took to the air in Caledonian service in April 1968, flying as Flagship Bonnie Scotland.

The model measures approximately 26 inches in length, with a 24 inch wingspan
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