The Michael Selmes Gallery Pt 1

The following photos were kindly sent in by Michael and I am pleased to show them here.

If you recognise any one, please drop me a line anytime and I can add their names in
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My thanks to Michael for the photos

Caledonian : 7th Floor - Sussex House

A set of publicity photographs taken by British Aircraft Corporation on 28-07-1968 on board a 1-11
Pam Gehring and Liz Valentine (to the rear).

Signed by some of the Chieftain Pilots of G-SCOT & G-CLAN
Names I think I can see are:
Pete Daniels, Ken Honey, Keith Battery. Mike Bull, Alan Emery, ...Watkins
G-BBNN of "Eric Rowley Airways"
G-BBNN of "Eric Rowley Airways"
Connectair's G-BNOC (BCal Commuter)
Connectair's G-BNOC (BCal Commuter)
Maggie Cousins - Caledonian Crewing

Remembered by Michael Selmes

"I last saw her waving farewell as I boarded a coach to Stansted to fly on a Britannia to Jeddah, then on to Tehran for Hadj work.

Just over a week later she, Alan Bartlett and Joy Welch, ( all Caledonian staff ) were flying to Palma for a weekend in an Air London Twin Comanche. All I remember of the pilot, was that his name was Robin.

Unfortunately they were all killed as they flew into a mountain near Clermont Ferand.

I don't know the exact date but believe it was March 1968. It certainly put a dampener on all staff in Tehran."

Extreme  left Back row- Michael Selmes and behind him another Michael (who worked in Crew rostering.)

Moving to the  middle  front   Curly Walters  Director of Engineering.  Behind him the gentleman with glasses is Geoffrey Evans; Geoff worked in crewing for a long time, from 1966 until a few years after the BA merger. On his right is his wife, Lynne Evans.

Further to the Right  Captain Stew Calder (Director of Operations) (in brilliant white shirt with a lady in front wearing a Paisley patterned dress)

Next to- moving to right  Captain Alan Limbert (when I was in Tehran keeping Crewing  records  during the Hajj his wife came out as well and she was a very lovely lady).

The  next to the right  tall gentleman  wearing glasses- John Selwyn Thomas, head of Cabin Crewing- Directly in front ( lady in  vertically striped  dress) Janet who  became his wife. She  was a Stewardess at one point.

Back row extreme  right  and framed in top middle of window may be Alan Bartlett ??

Many thanks to Neil Morrison and Keith Evans for the names so far
British Caledonian - A Tribute