The Robert Orridge Gallery

The following photos and images were kindly submitted by Bob, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

If you recognise any of the folks in the photos, please drop me a line anytime
"In Ops Control, when we were situated on the Ramp at LGW, we were next to the Met Office. We spent many hours talking to a young Met Officer and studying the Met charts. Fog was a big problem in those days. The Met Officer was Micheal Fish !!"
"In Las Palmas, in a bar, during a nightstop on the old Viscount route to Ghana via Lisbon, Las Palmas, Bathurst (Now Banjul), freetown and Accra. I can identify a young Trevor Warburton, Jon Theobalds, Jerry Cornish and myself pouring another beer! The Hostie on my right was I think Jenny Probin but it would be nice to identify a few more."
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British Caledonian - A Tribute