William "Bill" Llewhellin  RedCap
Sadly we learn that Bill, a former Redcap, passed away at the end of April 2020, aged 74.  My sincere condolences go out to his wife Beryl, family, friends and former colleagues.

Bill left on 30th Sept 2000 after 31 years service, during in which time he made many friends.

Service details

Service arrangements will follow once known

Sadly in these times with Corona, personal attendance may not be possible.
Bill Remembered

From Brian Russell
Saddened to hear about Bill. We shared a house and had some good laughs - he was quite a character. His rendition of Men of Harlech after several pints was generally howled down by the rest of us and he never got to finish. Condolences to Beryl and his family.

From Dave Mercer
I remember him well with fond memories. Affectionately dubbed Taffy but if you really wanted to wind him up you would whistle the theme tune to last of the summer wine as the secondary nickname was compo???? A fine airman

From Alan Reeves
Oh dear me, Bill Llewhellin has gone. He was a great friend of ours in the original Caledonian days and lived in my dads pub at one stage. Lost direct contact with him so this is truly sad. Bill you will always been in the hearts of the extended Reeves family, your are so well remembered , farewell Ol' Chap.  

From Terry Saward : RIP Bill, great guy

From Helen Reeves : A wonderful character.

From Geoffrey Cornwell:  Bill, a lovely guy with a great sense of humour. RIP Bill.

From Vanessa Holland: RIP very sad a lovely guy

From Tony Bearman: Very sad news - won’t forget that chuckle of his - RIP

From John Bailey:  He really was a fun fella, loved a BCAL party, so sorry to hear of his passing RIP Bill

From Alan Saunders: Sad news...lovely feller

From Chris Yardley: RIP Bill, a fine fellow.

From Chris Jensen: So sad to hear of one of the good old boys passing.

From Gerri Higgins: So sad to hear this, he always made us laugh. R.I.P. Bill

From Linda Collyer: His wife taught one of my sons!

From Trevor Fisher: Such a lovely guy and an absolute pleasure to work with RIP Bill

From Ron Paterson
A proper gentleman with a great sense of fun. A real pleasure to work with. So pleased to have known him. RIP Bill.

From Dermot Hegarty: Knew Bill at LGW, his brother Tony worked with me in customs. Lovely guy bill RIP

From Liz Rogers: RIP Bill

From Brian Trew: So sad to hear of his passing RIP bill

From Howard Meredith: What a great guy RIP Bill.

From Glynne Tucker: So sad to hear this. A real gent and a fine airman. RIP Bill.

From Bill Familton: So sorry to hear this news. Bill was my Supervisor in BCal Load Control. A real gentleman. RIP Bill.

From Hugh Cowan
Sorry to hear about Bill's passing. Always a pleasure to work with Bill. Great sense of humour and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. He always did a great loadsheet and was totally flexible about LMCs!!!

From Ray Bridgman : "My dear fellow..." and "We'll keep a welcome in the hillside..." RIP Bill.

From Coreen Wilcox : So sorry to hear this. Bill with a cheerful chuckle. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP Bill x

From James Devlin: Sorry to hear that Bill has passed away. He was such a nice guy RIP Bill.

From John Rutherford : So sorry to hear this, he was great guy to work with. RIP Bill.

From Penhair Carloti : Very sorry RIP

From Tref Abbott
Bill was one of our supervisors when I worked for Load Control back in the 70's and 80's. I had looked for his name in the crew room a few years ago but couldn't find it. He was the ONLY supervisor I would have looked for because he really was a great bloke.

He had a fantastic character and personality and for a supervisor, showed great genuine kindness. I always found him to be fair and understanding, especially as most of us there were in our very early twenties so effectively, still not really matured. Most of all, he had an amazing sense of humour and would often have us rolling up with his tales or comments, usually accompanied by his large booming voice.

It always seems that once someone has passed people make nice comments about them but Bill really was the real deal and he certainly made this world a better place simply by his presence.

From Trevor Tommy Gunn
Bill was a great guy and one you could always have laugh with. I will never forget every party where I was the DJ he would always ask me to play The Flowerpot Men - Lets go to San Francisco. RIP Bill Blue skies and flowers in your hair.

From Don Passmore: RIP Bill

From Judy Firth:  Goodbye to a true gent. It was my pleasure to have known you Bill

From Karen James: A real gentleman and always a pleasure to work with; RIP Bill

If you would like to leave a message in remembrance please drop me a line anytime at  BCalatribute@outlook.com

Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Sally Simmonds, Kris Massie, Graham Lambert, Sheila Williams Tyson, Simone Pontet-piccolomini, Alayne Elizabeth, Simon Rickman, David R Holder, Linda Daley, Shaunagh Perity, Mike Phillips, Jane Gray, Julie Nuttall, Cherry Perkins, Pat Cresswell, John Meighan, Marlene Crawley, Jim Williams, Maria Thorpe, Valerie Edwards, Peter Durran, Brian Buchanan Aitchison, Seona Craig, Steve Bispham

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