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The following photos were taken by Barrie and I am pleased to be able to show them here

Back on 1st May 1968 BUA VC-10 (G-ASIX) left Gatwick on its 1st North American passenger service; she returned via Glasgow on 2nd May 1968

The reason for landing at Glasgow, ASIX was to be the first transatlantic flight to use the newly opened extended runway that morning.

Barrie was a civil engineer then and was the section engineer for the runway contractor (Peter Lind & Co) working at the airport between November 1967 and May 1968 extending the 06 end of the main runway and installing a "fast turn off taxiway".

India Xray arrived at 05:45 and left just after 07.30 and as Barrie lived by the airport he was able to get up early to see her land and depart later.

Here we have Barrie's photos from that early morning back in May 1968.
G-ASIX at Glasgow Airport - 2nd May 1968
G-ASIX departing Glasgow for Gatwick at 07:30 - 2nd May 1968
Barrie has kindly sent in some page images from the official handbook that was issued in 1966 for the opening of Glasgow Airport. The pages include some words on BUA and Caledonian's operations at GLA and also a photo of Hostie Sheena McQuattie.

Glasgow Airport commemorated 50 years in 2016
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