BUA VC10 Cutaway Model
Photos from Roger Botting
My thanks to Roger for his great photos, very much appreciated.

Roger also used BUA (and BCal) VC10s when they were in service

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To set the scene, here is an extract from The History of British Caledonian

A major route award was announced on 5th October, when BUA’s Managing Director, Fred Laker, said that BUA would start flying to South America, taking over the routes abandoned by BOAC. There was to be a gapof about one month in services, though to their credit the British authorities waived the usual formalities to minimise the gap in services and the passenger service would start on 5th November 1964 using a VC10.

Though first a route proving flight. A VC10 set out on the 6,000 mile flight to Rio de Janeiro in South America making the journey via Madrid and Las Palmas in only 12 hours. On its return flight with a stop at Las Palmas they achieved a time of 10½ hours, landing at Gatwick on 14th  October 1964. The VC10 is a “
real winner” said Laker after they arrived back.

A second sales promotion tour was flown on 18th October, this time all the way to Santiago, via Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. The VC10 was accompanied by Managing Director, Fred Laker, and the Rolls Royce again.
Now Roger recently visited Montevideo taking in their Aviation Museum called the Museo Aeronautico and found this BUA VC10 model proudly on display some 47 years after BUA first flew their VC10 to South America.

I think it is 1/20th scale, so a good 6ft / 2m in length, and it is one of the rarer cutaway models that show the cabin.

It's great to know that this model is still around and that BUA is still remembered down route.