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Sunday 29th May 1966
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I recently bought a set of papers on ebay, over 7 pages of fading xerox paper were the Movements Notifications (Arrivals) and the Flight schedule and Departure report for Sunday 29th May 1966. It was not a quiet day.

It came folded up, like it had been in a back pocket, who knows maybe someone amongst our number carried it back then. But a fascinating snap shot of a very busy Sunday for BUA at Gatwick.
Flight Schedule & Departure Report - 29th May 1966
Arrivals - Movement Notofications - 29th May 1966
My thanks to Dick Holder, David Slack and Neill McMullen for some of the missing charterer names

.......does anyone know any more please ?
From Neill McMullen
Very interested to see the 1966 movements sheets for Gatwick. The Viscount arrival PMI/BOH had operated an overnight  
BOH/PMI/BOH charter for local travel agent Bath Travel (B.T.) I was working at Bournemouth in traffic handling for Swift Travel who  
were another local travel agent as well as running the airport handling unit. There were not that many overnight ops, most BOH/PMI  
traffic used BUA 1-11s each Monday, during the daytime with positioning from/to LGW. The same regular trade continued into  
BCAL days with 1-11s too. The late Peter Bath who ran Bath Travel used to see each flight off personally, and on an occasion  
when French ATC were being difficult he switched the charter to a BUA VC10 and went to PMI and back via the eastern atlantic.  
He was quite an operator!