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While trawling the web recently I came across an advertisement for a Triumph 2000 car...... the advert featured a BUA Captain; Peter Tickner

I was not 100% sure, so posed the question and Peter is well remembered from those days.

Here we have Peter's advert in full as well as recollections received from former friends and colleagues.
I flew with Peter Tickner when we were on the Hermes with Britavia recalls Leo Murphy.

I met Pete Tickner in Silver City in the mid fifties but not until reading a book (The Typhoon & Tempest Story) many years later did I find out about his war. Pete flew rocket firing Typhoons over Normandy before and after D-Day. This was not a job with a long time future but fortunately he survived. Pete was a larger than life character recalls Ken Honey

I remember the name of Peter Tickner from my days working in BUA Ops Control and BUA Flight Deck Crewing (approx 3 months covering long term sickness of Bill Florey) recalls David Slack. He was at one stage believed to be living in Australia.

George Reed recalls a story he heard about Pete.
Pete lived in Hamble (nr Southampton), which was technically outside the limit of stand-by response time. As a result he was renowned for driving at high speed to make the expected response time when he was called from standby. On the occasion in question, there was apparently heavy traffic. As a result Pete had the take a few chances overtaking on the then narrow and winding roads. He eventually arrived a ashen faced, with the door handles on both sides of his Standard Vanguard missing. He later reported they had been removed by a lorry on the offside and a bridge on the nearside. Nevertheless a careful and safe sailor (and pilot). 

I remember Pete Tickner very well from the old BUA days, flew with him on many occasions recalls Eunice Musgrave

Peter graduated to the 707 which he flew for several years. I knew him well in those days but he left BCAL in 1975 to join Kuwait Airways recalls Charles Powell

My thanks to everyone for their help with this page
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