The Pauline Bodfish Gallery (now Jones)

The following photos and images were kindly submitted by Pauline, and I am pleased to be able to show them here.
More of fashion designer Courreges original garments
More of fashion designer Courreges original garments
The Lord Mayor's Show in 1969
The Lord Mayor's Show in 1969
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A photo of us modelling in front of the new 1-11 wearing original Courreges outfits.

2nd left Flora Burton. 4th left Pauline Maughan.. 6th left Pauline Bodfish (me), 8th left Jean Paterson.
We were all on the same AB course in Feb 1966.

If you recognise any of the girls in uniform or the lady in white with the right hand side "e" please drop me a line anytime
Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvie when we flew them on first leg of a South American trip
We were supposed to return after minimum rest, but the royals requested that we brought them from Freetown back to England, which was a great honour for us. When we arrived back in UK they asked flight deck and us in 1st class to have a picture taken, which was then signed by both of them.
This is a newspaper photo from the Evening News.

If anyone has a proper photo of this one please can they drop me a line, Pauline would love to get a nice print / copy of this.
British Caledonian - A Tribute