The John Faulkner Gallery Pt 2

The following photos were kindly submitted by Barbara & John, and I am pleased to be able to show them here.
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John with one of the DC3 / C47's he worked on whilst at Transair
The aircraft was sold to Jersey Airlines (before they joined the group), then she transferred to BUA when Jersey joined the group, and from BUA's books she went on to fly for Morton Air Services. Since 1968 she has been around the UK, including Air Alantique and she now resides at Elvington Air Museum, in engine-running condition, which is where we see John.

He popped over to see her, donating some of his engine tools whilst there and telling the current Engineers some of the stories and history. I am pleased to say the tools are in use and John has the run of the aircraft whenever he visits her at Elvington.
This aircraft entered service in 1945, so to see here in engine running condition some 75 years later (in 2020) is brilliant. John is still applying his engineering skills on garden machinery nowadays, he has done his bit to keep this DC3 going.
Link to John's DC3

and my thanks to Barbara & John for the photos and story

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