Gordon Tedder

Sadly Gordon passed away on 29th October 2014 at his home in Storrington, West Sussex. His son Julian and his daughter Philippa were with him. He’d been unwell for some time. Our sincere condolences go to Gordon's family, friends and former colleagues.

Gordon’s funeral service was held on 10th November 2014 at Worthing Crematorium, Nr Findon, West Sussex. A reception was held afterwards at the Roundabout Hotel near Pulborough.

Gordon Remembered

From John Theobalds

Gordon was born on June 5th 1936 and his father was the brother of Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder of World War 2 fame.

His working life started early as a boy entrant into the Merchant Navy and progressed from Cadet to become a ‘First Mate’ on several P & O passenger and cargo vessels.

He later joined the RAF and became a Corporal in what was unfortunately entitled ‘Movements’. He was latterly in his RAF career based at Hendon and one of his duties was to supervise RAF personnel reporting to BUA Victoria Air Terminal. They were checking in for military trooping flights out of Stansted on the veritable ‘Britts’ to long distance destinations around the world.

It was at this time (1963!) that I first met him, and along with Brian Culver we have all been close pals ever since. He also met his first wife Geraldine at the terminal. She was Mike Reynold’s secretary. They went on to live in Horsham when GT transferred to Gatwick. He remained with BUA/BCAL working I believe as ‘GOCON’ at Gatwick and was on the overseas management roster, working in Accra, by then with his second wife Jo. He was then posted to LAX when BCAL re-opened the LGW/LAX route and stayed there until around 1987. By then he had married his third wife ‘MJ’ who originally had worked for BCAL Cargo in STL.

Gordon honoured our friendship by asking me to be Julian’s godfather, a task that I feel I failed miserably at, the only excuse being that as with all of us in the aviation world, we went our separate ways for long periods, and I was unable to exert any form of ‘godly influence’.  

On the occasion of his birthday this year his son asked what he ‘would really like’ by way of celebration and GT told him he’d like to make one more sea adventure, this time as a customer rather than as a hired hand. Mobility had become something of a problem by then but Julian arranged for him to take a week long cruise to the fjords of Norway, but needed a companion. I was asked. I gladly accepted and us 2 old sea dogs (I too had spent time in the Merchant Navy prior to BUA) drove up to Newcastle and took the famous ‘Marco Polo’ cruise ship on an excellent week. It was GT’s swansong and we both enjoyed it. The weather was terrific, the North Sea crossings were smooth and we were feted royally. Little did we know that his demise was only a matter of weeks away.

A fiercely private man and often something of an enigma, Gordon was nonetheless a good friend for many years. Both our families were well known to each other and my 3 offsprings will miss him greatly as will I.

Gordon leaves Julian and Philippa and 5 grand-children.

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