The Maurice Hale Gallery Pt 2

Maurice, an Engineer, rose through the ranks joining becoming Chief Project & Development Engineer for BUA by 1968, and was soon the P&D Manager for BCal in 1971. His work in Engineering continued and he was soon an integral part of the DC10 Liaison Group formed to develop and oversee the new fleet into service, and latterly the A320.

I am pleased to say the family have sent in some photos from Maurice's collection and I am pleased to show them here.

If anyone recognizes the people in the photos, please drop me a line anytime so I can add them in.
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As always, any thoughts and missing names always welcome
Maurice (on the right) with ??, onboard a Lockheed L1011 during a demonstration we think

Below, more photos from the same occaision
Early Gatwick in its new home - The Transair Hangar with Dakota's, Heron's and Doves
Vic Attwood, Ron Grover, ? and Captain David Phillips
Vic Attwood, Ron Grover, ? and Captain David Phillips
October 1964 and G-ASIW route proving in Africa, and unloading the Rolls Royce in Nairobi
Maurice at the contract signing for BCal's first DC10 order

and Far left is Joe Roper, first engineering delivery manager based in Long Beach
Taken in Nairobi, the first Africargo service using the VC10, which replaced the Britannia on the run
British Caledonian - A Tribute