Lesley Peacock (now Barrett)

Lesley has kindly sent in her AB Initio photo from April 1970 and I am pleased to be able to show it here.

Lesley's AB Initio photo and all the others can also be seen starting here AB Initio - Page 1

There are now 5 pages of AB / Course photos
If you recognise any of the missing names, please drop me a line anytime and I can add them in.
AB Initio - April 1970

Back row, left to right.
Helga Fraser, Gill Rose, ??, Ann Redmond, Lynne Burrows, Patsy Johnson, Jackie Radley, Lesley Peacock, Peta Brack, Ann Irish.

Middle row,
Sue Ajax-Lewis, Pauline Foster, Fiona Tester, Marylyn Tennant, Pauline Taylor, Judith Ross (RIP), ??, ??.

Front row,
Rita Quin (Trainer), Ann Millward-Shennan, Pauline Caldwell, ??, ??, Doreen Buckler (Trainer)
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British Caledonian - A Tribute