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From John Fairclough - retired Captain and colleague
It was with great sadness that I learned of John's passing. John and I shared a house in South Nutfield when he was posted to the 1-11 fleet in 1970. He did that in order to avoid the commute to Essex whilst he and Gladys searched for a house which they eventually found in Charlwood. John's commitment to the pilot fraternity through BALPA was legendary and his leadership qualities were recognised by BCAL in appointing him Manager, Flight Operations. I valued him as a fair man and a good friend. My condolences to Gladys and the family. God Bless

From David Holder
Captain John Fugl was a great man to know and to work with. There are many moments I remember of John, but in particular one incident comes to mind. It was when I was working in the role of MOCON, on a lovely 12 hour night shift, John was operating as Captain on a flight, this night he was taxiing a DC10 in FNA and much to his professional annoyance he ran off the taxiway. But true to his spirit, after all the passengers were off, John did his very best to shift that aircraft, even using full power trying to move it, but alas it didn't budge! A team had to go out with airbags to raise it and eventually got it back into service. True to his profession John was a great communicator and a people caring man. I send my sincere condolences to his family.

From Martyn Gurton
John was one of my inpirations in the airline industry when I was a youngster in the crewing department being in awe of many senior crew. He was always considerate and kind. I used to attend cabin crew end of training do and John always said look after your crewing staff and they will look after very true.

From Roy Shaw ex-cabin "Superchief"
I often flew with John and always found him fair and considerate, with a good sense of humour. On one occasion he & I were "stuck" together, for some operational reason, in Hongkong for two or three days and had great fun together in the Disneyland there. A great 'Guy'. R.I.P. John.

Captain John Fugl - A Personal Tribute by Captain Goff Bowles

John died on 26th November 2015 after a short illness following many years of ill health.

His was long and distinguished career in aviation which began as a very young man when he trained as an aircraft engineer in the Fleet Air Arm. He learned to fly after leaving the Royal Navy, joining BUA in 1966. In his early airline career he was active in BALPA becoming for a time its vice-chairman and dealing with the company on industrial relations where his pragmatic and common sense approach received much support. He gained his command, initially on the BAC 1-11 in 1978 and shortly afterwards became a training captain. Appointed to the designate role in 1978/9 he became Flight Operations Director of British Caledonian Airways in 1980, continuing in this post until the British Airways take-over in 1988, after which he flew and instructed on the DC 10 for other airlines until his retirement. Following that he owned and flew a couple of light aircraft from a farm strip in East Sussex which he much enjoyed.

In his late thirties his health had suffered a setback when he had to undergo a very serious heart by-pass operation but, with the very effective help and support of Doctor Peter Chapman (who has helped so many people in similar situations) he was able to regain his full commercial licence and resume flying.

Sadly, some ten or so years ago, another by-pass operation became necessary and this time, the results were not good and he gradually became less and less active and had to give up so many of the activities he had previously enjoyed. Throughout this long period he had the tremendous help and support from his wife Gladys and their family and he never lost his sense of humour or his ability to recount stories about people or events.

His funeral on 18th December was attended by many people from all sections of BCAL - a tribute not only to him but to the spirit which he did much to foster and which is still so strong within the ex BCAL community.

A man of strong views yet tolerant of other opinions, he had a generous spirit and, as a member of his team, one knew that his support was total. His achievements were very considerable and he will be long remembered by those fortunate enough to know and to work with him.

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Sadly John  passed away on 26th November 2015 after a long illness, he was 75. Our sincere condolences go out to John's family, friends and former colleagues. John joined BUA in 1965 flying propliners and progressed through the ranks. He qualified on jets as a BAC 1-11 First Officer for BUA in 1970 and became British Caledonian's Flight Operations Director in 1980.  John also flew a good number of DC10 inaugural services too. 

John's service was held on 18th December 2015 at the Kent and Sussex Crematorium, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. After the service there was a gathering at Barnsgate Manor, Herons Ghyll.

I have found a photo of John in the archive from 1986. John is on the right (in the lighter suit) at Derek Oxenholme's retirement

British Caledonian - A Tribute