The 1965 BUA Apprentices Reunion - 2013

The reunion was held in Crawley on 1st November 2013, m
any thanks to Vince Cloutt and Pete Hollingsworth  for organising the event

From the 1965 intake six of us got together in Crawley over a Indian meal some having not seen each over since the 1970ís so we had a lot to catch on. (Chris Anderson flew in from Vancouver just for the weekend)

Those who sadly could not be with us due to their circumstances were Dick Conway, Tony Wareham and Jim Sullivan; and of course the late John Mitchell who was missed and we gave him a special toast.

The people in the group photo are from Left to right Pete Hollingsworth, Chris Cook, Vince Cloutt, Chris Anderson, Barry Aldred and Bill Payne.
We all agreed to meet again on our 50th anniversary of our start date in September 2015, and open it up to all our colleagues and friends from BCAL.
Three of the lads, Chris Cook, Bill Payne and Pete Hollingsworth, back in 1966 when at Brooklands College
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