Were there any others in the series? Did you see this poster displayed, it would be good to hear from you, please drop me a line anytime, email Dave

British United Air Ferries

Large Carvair billboard poster
A while back some posters appeared, they look quite dishevelled and worn, but there were 11 of them. The pictures did not show a full poster.......after some negotiations they made it to the collection and I then found out why there was no image.

The posters, for British United Air Ferries, were billboard size posters and 4 sections had to placed together to make up one complete poster. They must have been for display at Stations, Airports and advertising hoardings around towns and cities. But somewhere big.

From the 11 sections it was possible to make up a complete poster. The poster sections, believe it or not, had been used as lining paper under a carpet in a property in London; their large size making them ideal I guess some time back in the past.

The property was being fully gutted for refurbishment when they were found, so thankfully someone recognised them for what they were.

After putting them through the large format scanner at work, I am pleased to be able to show a complete poster below. The artwork is signed by Michael Turner by my reading of the signature.

When the 4 sections are placed together this poster measures 120" x 80" (3m tall x 2m wide)

This could be the first time in some 40 years the complete poster has been seen and I hope you enjoy it, a super airport scene with British United Carvair's being loaded and a Mk 1 Cortina estate in the foreground.