The Barry Friend Gallery - Pt 1

Here we have some great photos from Barry and I am pleased to be able to share them here.

Barry joined BUA in 1965 at Southampton Airport and worked for BUAF, BUIA, BIA, Air UK and finally KLM Uk before he left in 1999
More great images taken at Southampton
Douglas C47-B  G-AOUD   seen here in Morton Air Services livery at Southampton in September 1968.
G-AOUD was one that did not get away. She flew with Transair between 1956 and 1960. Transair (part of the Airwork Group by then) sold her to fellow independent airline, Jersey Airlines; thus AOUD was not in the BUA fleet after Hunting and Airwork merged in 1960. But in 1962 Jersey Airlines became part of the Air Holdings Group (owners of BUA) and when Silver City and Jersey Airlines were finally merged to form BUA (CI) this C-47 made it into the "BUA" fleet. She operated in and around Morton's fleet until 31st October 1968 when the Morton Air Services' name was dropped from the aircraft. She was sold overseas (USA) in January 1969.
and probably one of the nicest images of a BUA liveried Herald ever seen.

Barry : Part 2
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