British Caledonian Airways
Woman of Straw

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I am always extremely pleased to bring long lost information on some of BCal activities to the website; which may well be new to many former staff.

This is one of those occaisons, BCal and their stage production company.

Woman of Straw was a stage version of a film starring Sean Connery. A bit of an action movie in Connery's hands it converted to a successful stage play and was premiered by Ingrid Pitt's own production company, Trip Productions.

It was backed by British Caledonian Airways.

After touring the UK it did a five Capital tour of South America including Buenos Aries, Sao Paolo, Lima, Montevideo and Bogata. It also appeared in the West End of London.

Of course the Capitals played were key destinations on BCal's routes into South America.

Along with Ingrid Pitt it starred John Bentley (Crossroads and a lot of hunting films). Ernest Clark (Dam Busters, Reach for the Sky, Doctor in the House films), Anthony Ainley best known as the Master in Dr. Who and South African Roy Purkiss.

Other plays were planned with BCal but unfortunately it lost out to more powerful stage production companies and had to fold.

But to the right we have the poster for the play and below a super set of photographs from the play, and some of the cast with BCal model aircraft too.

Anthony Ainley, Roy Purkis, Ernest Clark, Ingrid Pitt and John Bentley
My thanks to Audrey Bateman who found this flyer for the play, coming to Brighton on 29th January 1979....for One week only....British Caledonian Airways presents........Woman of Straw

From Glen Malyon

The 2 week rehearsals for this play were held at our Central London Air Terminal Victoria in the sales/conference room. The play starred Ingrid Pitt who appeared in many Hammer Horror Films, also starring was John Bentley who played Hugh Mortimer in Crossroads, and Ernest Clark who played Professor Loftus in Doctor in the House. The play started off at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

I have a picture taken by Ashley Ashwood the official BCAL photographer, this depicts the cast, some members of the London Sales Team and a large DC10 model ! This was taken at the check in area of CLAT.

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