The Will Blunt Gallery Pt 2

The following photos were taken by Will back in the day when he worked for BCal. Sadly Will passed in July 2013, but recently some of his photos have come to light and I am pleased to be able to share them here

Here we have some DC10 photos, BEBM and BGAT, at DFW Terminal 2W
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BM with a new livery colours nosecone
BM with a new livery colours nosecone
G-BGAT with various cargo being loaded / unloaded
From Phil Bowell

Will was a great guy and worked very hard for BCAL, in DFW. Will, Joe Warkentine and the rest of the team ran a great operation and enabled BCAL to really earn some much needed dollars on the route. Wonderful people. Rest well Will, you will not be forgotten

If you look closely, you can see the BI on the jet-bridge next to the DC10. The Jet Bridges and indeed the whole terminal belonged to Braniff International, the terminal was 2W at DFW and they also handled us.

After Braniff went bust, they did continue to handle BCal by special arrangement that Trevor Warburton put together with some very good BN staff who really looked after us. They also handled Mexicana but otherwise the terminal was empty.

I recall when we flew Roger Moore and his son from GVA to DFW to attend the Dallas Film Festival and receive an award. He asked where all the aircraft were and after I told him, he asked to have a tour which we gladly arranged. He thought it would make a great location for a film set and was going to talk to "people he knew". Not sure if anything came of it.
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