The Sue Lacey Gallery Pt 1

The following photos were kindly sent in by Sue, later Sue Wright. Sue worked in the busy MAINTROL Maintenance Planning office. If you recognise any one we have missed, please drop me a line anytime and I can add their names in
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My thanks to Sue for the photos

BCal News 1983 feature on MAINTROL
BCal News 1983 feature on MAINTROL
Leonard Ely's retirement
Colleagues from Engineering Materials Control and friends from other departments in BCal gathered to bid farewell to Engineering Stock Records Supervisor Leonard Ely when he retired after 24 years.

Pictured here with Mrs Ely at his party at the Wingspan Club after a presentation by General Maintenance Manager Arnold Sheead. 

Leonard originally joined Transair at Croydon and moved with the airline to Gatwick in 1958. He served during the war as a “Desert Rat” in North Africa.

Friends attending included: Ralph Farnel, Colin Williams, Mike Payne, Bob Powell, Tony Parish, Rowley Leverett, Ray Wilson,  Peter McFarlane, Peter Bryant, Sid ?, Pat McCallister, Mel Pettits, Roger Hurt, John Graham, Bill Poulter, Sandra Lovett, Joan  Curran, Lorraine Holland, William Livingston, Sue (Lacey) Wright and Paul Elliott
Alfred Denhart (Station Engineer), James Grimshaw (Lead Hand Maintenance), Capt John Taplin (1-11's), Richard Halford (Chargehand Base Eng), Capt Brian Armstrong (Chief Training Captain 1-11s), Frank Ford (MT Workshops), Capt Bernard Snook (1-11's), William Hotckies (Charehand Base Eng), Leslie Lambert (Planning Eng 1), Raymond North (Warehouseman), Henry Vodden (Planning Engineer), Les Anstey (Snr Development Engineer), Capt Peter Finucane (retired, ex-1-11's), Albert Clayton (Maintenance Worker 1), Capt Reg Banks (retired, ex 707s). Raymond Wilson (Snr Planning Eng), Ronald Grover (Cargo Flow Control Officer), Sidney Hulse (retired Stores Inspector QA), Christopher Prior (Manager Airport Services Long Haul), Peter Covey (Loading Supervisor), Kenneth Rose (Lead Tradesman - Production), Capt Peter Whyte (DC10's), Colin Lacey (Head Beltman), Alfred Squires (Chargehand Workshops), Harold Clinch (Section Storekeeper Materials Control), Capt Mike Wallis (DC10s), Gwilym Howells (Warehouse Co-ordinator), Peter Bryant (Stores Inspector QA), Capt Ray Smith (DC10s). John Rouse (Operations Controller). 

Engineering Supervisor John Layton attended to receive his award, but is not in the photo.

Staff who could not attend to receive their awards: George Smith (Chargehand Electrical); Thomas Record and Anthony Roper (Both Engineering Supervisors).
From BCal News (January 1984) : The 25 year service awards including Sue's father; Colin Lacey
British Caledonian - A Tribute