The Steve Fee Gallery

Steve has kindly sent in some of his photos from his time playing football for the company team, and I am pleased to show them below. 

We have most of the names too, though any missing ones or venue info, I would be pleased to add them in to. 
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CALEDONIAN//BUA team : Gibraltar November 1971
As always, any thoughts for the missing names welcome
Back row
Sally Taswell, Clive Rhodes, Peter Sawyer, Steve Fee,  Alec Lugg, Dave Mercer, Neil Smith, Phil Anderson, Tony Ralph, Geoff Walford and Sally Caine

Front Row
   Lesley ? (later Lesley Baker), Trevor Warburton, Neville Coleman, Phil Baker, Paul Finch, Colin Varty, Paul Jenkinson and Cherry Jackson

CALEDONIAN//BUA team and 1-11 G-AWYU : Gibraltar November 1971
Back Row
Geoff Walford, Sally Caine, Colin Varty, Alec Lugg, Paul Jenkinson, Neil Smith, Dave Mercer, Phil Anderson, Clive Rhodes, Jim Spalding, Neville Coleman,
Trevor Warburton, Sally Taswell, Lesley Baker, Cherry Jackson and Tony Ralph

Front Row
Steve Fee, Paul Finch, Phil Baker and Peter Sawyer
Venue : Smallfield, near Horley
Back Row
Gerry Lydon,  Pete Davies, Dave Mercer, Peter Sawyer, Steve Fee, Peter Nettlefold, Trevor Warburton, Phil Anderson, Tony Ralph and Barry Proctor

Front Row
Phil Baker, Colin Varty, John Rouse, Martin White and Neville Coleman

British Caledonian - A Tribute