The Sonia Afriat Gallery
(Now Itzcovitz)

The following photo was kindly sent in by Sonia, and I am pleased to be able to show it here
Left to right we have:-

- Mr Camhi (Manager France)
- Mrs. Porcheron (Agency manager)
- Mr.... from London
- Joelle Dana (counter agent)
- Mr......(Sales Manager)
- Hélène ... (counter agent)
- Mr... (from London)
- Michelle McIntyre (counter agent)
- Mr... (from London)
- Sonia Afriat (Itzcovitz). It's me ... (counter agent)
- Bonny .... (counter agent - pass away aged just 40)

If you can help with any missing names, please drop me a line anytime on
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British Caledonian - A Tribute