The Russ Gowan Gallery

The following photos and memorabelia were was kindly sent in by Russ, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

Russ was onboard the inaugural Tokyo flight and these are a great record of that day
Some of the Tokyo service inaugural crew members

Captain John Kelly, F/o Richard Lockwood, F/o John Drexham, F/E Thomas Morman, F/E Nigel Lowe

Flight Stewards Barry Rawlings and Peter Oliveira, Flight Purser Russ Gowan.
S/H's Sarah Robinson, Eileen Vaughn, Sandra Gourley, Penny Narey, Anna Ellis, Patricia Kerry and Cindy Cook
A/H's Melanie Foxton, Dawn Tate, Yoko Ito, Hiromi Matsuoka, Chizuko Matsuura, Yuriko Miyamoto, Keiko Morikawa, Sumiko Morita and Miyuki Sakai

Russ also has a copy of the Inaugural Guide that was available onboard
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Thank you letter
Thank you letter
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