The Rosie Mason / Richard Fisher Gallery

The following image was kindly sent in by Rosie and Richard and I am pleased to show it here.
Just in from a Caribbean charter flight, and we think taken possibly by 'Ash' Ashley or one of publicity professionals. Taken late 1969 or early 1970. Presumably the rest of the crew had scarpered!

Uniform notes from Rosie; the girls were still wearing front-fastening long sleeved blouses with the mildly strangulating velvet bow ties; shoe buckles had recently been dumped. The committee formed for the following versions of the female uniforms included Sue Powell, Rosie Mason, Tina Brunn, and Meg Martin and John de la Haye then approved their designs.

From the left:- John Cook, (??), Roger Bailey, Sam Small, Rosie Mason (Walker) and Mo Sparham.
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