Roger Harris  Sales & Marketing
Sadly we have heard that Roger passed in late June 2019. Roger was in Sales & Marketing. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Roger Remembered

David Williams
Oh no Roger, (Dodge as I called him), Bet Townley and myself were the Welsh team in the USA. We had great fun times together. Times I remember fondly. RIP Sir.  Condolences to the family

Caron Phillips : RIP and my condolences to his family and friends

Fee Flee : So very sorry for your sad loss Fly free Roger

Rohan Alce : Sad news. RIP Roger.

Ray Jackson
Roger’s funeral will be at Cardiff crematorium. It will a small service by the Royal Navy reserve. Roger was active with them.

From Phil Bowell
I first met Roger when I arrived in Dallas/Ft Worth in 1981 and we became firm friends. He was a fantastic guy and had one of the toughest jobs I think it was possible to have in BCAL. Running an off-line office.

Rog looked after the Denver office for BCAL but supported DFW and all the other North American stations superbly. We had many off-line promotions in those days as we had to penetrate the marketing capabilities of BA, Pan Am, TWA and all the other carriers fighting to take our passengers off us - and not to be forgotten, Cargo.

Peter R. H. Barrie (our Cargo VP for North America), used to arrange all sorts of promotions that were wildly successful. I especially recall the Darts Road Show that Rog helped with enthusiastically. Teaching freight forwarders how to play darts was not an easy task, but Rog turned it into a very friendly one and we made huge amounts of money at it by the freight it generated.

I recall one event in Chicago where Rog even had to go into the kitchen of the hotel we had the event at to show the chef how to make a beer batter for the “fish n chips” we provided.

After our off-line manager in Mexico City left the company, Roger took control of the office and did a magnificent job until the demise of our company. Wonderful days that created great friendships and Rog was right at the top.

Only his love of the Royal Navy (following his favourite years in the service) had a fonder memory for Roger than the BCAL years.

His personality, humour and above all support of his colleagues and his company will be missed by a great many.

RIP Roger - a true friend and colleague.

From Peter Barrie
I echo Phil's sentiments, Roger was the sort of chap you were so glad to have on your side. A great asset, just a lovely guy.

From Glen Maylon
I am incredibly shocked to hear of the sad news concerning Roger, we worked together in London Sales for a considerable length of time. Sadly I am unable to attend his service as I am living in Chicago.

From David Cooper
So sad to hear about Roger. We worked together in Sales for a while & I remember he was always good humoured & a pleasure to work with. We had been in touch a couple of times in the past few years since his return to Cardiff. Rest in Peace Roger.

From Thelma Riggans
Roger & the family are remembered with great affection from our days together in Freetown. RIP Roger. Walter joins me in sending our condolences to family & friends.

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Condolences were also extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Jim Williams, Kris Massie, Richard Church, Jenny Thomas, Caron Phillips, Graham Lambert, Alan Reeves, Sally Simmonds, Ian Jones, Riaz Butt, Fee Flee, Mike Keely, Vivien Izzard, Sara Cunningham, Mike Hawkey, David Williams, Julie Nuttall, Robin Frazier, Peter Durran, Doug Ledingham, Malcolm McCluskey, Audrey E. Bateman, Peter Barry.

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Service details

Roger's service was held in Cardiff on the 19 July 2019

It was a service by the Royal Navy Reserve, in honour of Roger's service.

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