The Rex Shilton Gallery

The paintings below were commissioned by Rex back in the day; they were painted by David Wright.

Rex was part of the flight crew on BCal’s inaugural 707 flight to Houston on 23rd October 1977; onboard were Adam Thomson and 60 guests, most probably unaware that they had touched Mach 0.82 on some sectors of the route. They were met in Houston by the Prince of Wales, who unveiled a plaque at IAH commemorating the new service.

My thanks to Jean for allowing these to be shown on the site so we can share them. Rex sadly passed in 2009, but is well remembered by his friends and former colleagues

A friend and former colleague said of him:

"A courteous and kind man of many parts, Rex was always the consummate professional in matters aeronautical and airline business. Rex reached out to many people throughout his life: as former colleagues each of us will have happy memories of times we spent in his company: under training, on the flight deck, in the crew room, in the board room. Deep down I reckon Rex was chuffed to bits when CityFlyer Express registered one of the early Shorts SD3-60s G-OREX in his honour".
RJS001 1-11 a
RJS002 707 a
RJS003 DC10 a
RJS001 1-11 b
RJS002 707 b
RJS003 DC10 b

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