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My thanks to Peter Braham for his super photos

G-AYOP - The last BCal 1-11 service to Africa
The last West African Coastal Service made by a 1-11 was on 25th October 1978 when it hopped down to Freetown via Casablanca, Las Palmas and Banjul. G-AYOP made the last flight with Captain Cleaver, Captain Castle, F/O Cassidy and F/O Belson flying the 8 hour outbound service and the inbound 8 hour service between them, arriving back at Gatwick on the 26th October. The route was then to be flown with Boeing 707s.
Please drop me a line if you can name those featured in Peter's photographs
Peter recall's

"there was a ceremony on the apron including the Piper being accompanied by the Gambian Army band which I remember didn't go together too well !".
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