The Patrick Pooler Gallery

The following photo was kindly sent in by Patrick and I am pleased to be able to show it here
Patrick was in AB Initio No. 3 on 14th February 1977
Left to Right - Back Row
Pierluigi (Gino) Vanoncini, Phil Sinnott, Jane Sparks, Carol Thomas, Mary Lou Thompson, Donna Renshaw, Phyliss McElwee,
Jane Davison, Josie Kirkby, Leslie Forgie,  Mike Roberts, Patrick Pooler and Trainer; Linda Husbands.

Left to Right - Front Row
Linda Johnston, Simone Salter, Ann-Marie Fagin, Mandy Tailor, Veronika Spielvogel, Christine HIll,
Elaine Watts and Angela Wiejska
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British Caledonian - A Tribute