BCal News Library - updated July 2020

Company newspapers (+ a few others) in PDF form for you to download and read

They are zoomable, so you can zoom in / make them more legible etc
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Liverpool Echo Paper : Hovercraft special 1962

Wingspan Paper 11th January 1966 (from Bob Cooper)

Golden Lion News : October 1971

BCAL International  June 1974

BCal News Paper 10th October 1979 (From Bob Coleman)

BCal News  30th September 1981

BCal News Paper 4th September 1985

BCal Cargo Star Paper Issue 1 1982

BCal Cargo Star Paper Issue 2 1982

BCal Cruise News 1st December 1985

BCal News Paper 4th February 1987

BCal News 25th February 1987

BCal News 28th May 1987

New    BCal News 14th December 1987

more coming soon
British Caledonian - A Tribute