BCal Model Hosties
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Recently, Tom Houston dropped me a line regarding a near life size model hostie that is on display in the Horsham Museum....does anyone know who she is please; staff or a model?

But it got me thinking about other of these that I have seen, or that reside in the collection. I have added these to the photos below and maybe we can solve whether they are models or actual hosties in each case.

So far, four different ones, but maybe you know of more ?

The BUA uniform is also on display at the Horsham Museum too
Karen Strawson with another of the cutout models at the 2010 reunion
And here is the fourth hostie cutout
Here its the tall young lady at the back with the BCal bag, the image was taken from a 1972 BCal International paper. The three hosties at the front are Liz George, Stella Morris and Linda Wood; they are at the Kitwe Agricultural show in Zambia.
If you do recognise any of the girls or know if they were staff or models, it would be great to hear from you; thank you