The Mick Morgan Gallery Pt 2

Many thanks to Mick for sending in these photos, featuring the retirements of Eric Watkins and Hugh Morgan respectively.

If you recognise any folks in Eric's photo, please drop me a line and I can add them in.
If you recognise anyone, please let me know and I can add them in - thank you
Mick : Part 3

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Eric Watkins Retirement

Some names so far are:-
Jack Spreadbrough, Sarah Peters, Aidan Murphy, Arnold Sheead, Brian Pierce, Eric Watkins, Jeremy Hall (Apprentice), Hugh Morgan.
Hugh Morgan's Retirement

from left to right;

Bert Baker, Chris Morgan, Jim Marks, Pete Peters, Hugh Morgan, Trevor Adams, Bill Poulter, Pete Scott,  Jim Keith and Gerry Mulhern

British Caledonian - A Tribute