Michael Herndon : Regional Manager SW USA
Sadly we have heard that Mike passed away in January 2022 aged just 67. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues.

Mike joined BCal at Houston in cargo service, went into cargo sales and was promoted to Regional Sales Manager St. Louis when the service to STL began.

He went on to work for Continental as Vice President of Cargo Sales in the mid-80's. Later Mike went on to form his own specialty travel and marketing company; selling that in the late 90's and then he went to law school; and was practicing law in Houston Texas. Michael pictured on the right.
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A Celebration for Mike was held on February 5, 2022 at the Champions Golf Club, in Houston, USA.

The family kindly extend an invitation to friends and family to join them at Champions Golf Club for a celebration of Mike’s life. They shared their favorite stories about Mike and remembered the ways he affected their lives.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations in his memory to Memorial & Tribute Gifts - Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.
Mike Remembered

From Phil Bowell
I met Mike several times during my time in the US at DFW and also JFK. A premature and sad loss at only 67. Heartfelt condolences to Debbie and his family. RIP Mike

From Tony Reallf
Sad news. I had known Mike for over 30 years from initially at BCAL and then as a VP of International Cargo for Continental Airlines. We regularly met Mike and his wife Debbie on visits to the US and I was able to speak to him a few days ago. Very sad as he was only 67. He was a close friend of Richard Havers and Mike Cusaack.

From Brian Culver
I worked with Mike during my time in Houston 1980/81 when I was Sales Manager SW USA. I well remember we attended a management training course at the TWA Breach Academy, Kansas City organised by Rocky Cox who was ex TWA before his time with BCAL; fun times. Rest in peace Mike.

From Andy Coupland
Sad news indeed - 67 is no age at all. I got to know Mike quite well during my time with BCal, and I had great respect for him.

From Tony Cocklin
Very sad news. I didn't know Mike that well, but spent time with him on occasional trips to the US. He was highly professional, well respected and good company. So sorry he died at a relatively young age.

From Rohan Alce
What a shock. Had lunch with him in Burgess Hill a few years back when he and Debbie were visiting the UK. Knew him pretty well in the BCal days in the USA. Very sad news. Such a nice guy.

From Trevor Warburton: Very sad news indeed…good bloke

From Chris & Lori Hill
I just cannot believe this. I was just about to send him a note about his recent op. Mike was a great colleague and friend. He will be missed so much.

From Mick Fletcher
Very sad news. We met a few years ago in Haywards Heath for a catch up with Mike Cusack and other colleagues. So sad.

From Roger Botting
I first met Mike when I was a Loadmaster, we would spend a week at a time doing ground duties in Houston to help the cargo department. He was due to come to the U.K. for some training so I offer to take him to London one evening to show him around. We drove up and went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Hyde Park and afterwards I did the quick London tour before heading back to Gatwick, I do not think he ever got over my driving in London.

When I moved to Atlanta in 1980 Mike ended up in St Louis and after awhile we ended up sharing the DC10 for cargo space. It was always a battle on who got more space. I lost contact after leaving BCAL. RIP Mike

From Elizabeth (Bet) Townley
Oh Mike, I am so sad. I only lost touch with you a couple of years ago, when I got off Facebook messaging. Always fun to chat with you, playing catch up with all our “buddies” from BCal. Never forget sharing an office with you in Houston. It was easy to make you laugh with my antics in the tour department. Rest in Peace, you lovely man.

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Richard Friend,

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