The Linda Palmer Gallery

My thanks to Linda, and also Patricia Anderson (now Gough), for sending in this photo of them and their crewmates standing on the beach on Ascension Island having flown in island workers on a BCal VC10 charter.

Linda recalls "On this occasion we were flying out staff from Cable and Wireless.  I remember this as after, I bought shares in the company.  They did not do well! But a memorable trip, as the U.S. troops took us on a tour of the island followed by a great meal in the officers mess.  (We were supposed to be resting before the flight home!!)"
Left to right we have:-

Pat Anderson, Vic Ball, ?, Ian Corby,?, Linda Palmer, Nick Hudson

If you can help with any of their crewmates names, please drop me a line anytime so I can add them in

My thanks to Mike Jeffs and Jean Carlyle-Lyon for sending in some names
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