Laurie Price - General Manager
Sadly we learn that Laurie passed away peacefully, aged 67, on 7th September 2018 with his family close-by. My sincere condolences go out to his wife Barbara, son's Matthew and Alex, his family, friends and former colleagues.

Laurie had been battling cancer for eight years and sadly had been recently been told it was terminal. He was in no pain, and passed peacefully with his family at his side.

Service details

Laurie's service was held on 25th September 2018 at Worthing Crematorium.

Following the service, there was a Celebration of Laurie’s life at the Longfurlong Barn

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Laurie Remembered

From Richard Heywood:
Laurie became the youngest General Manager in BCAL at the age of 35. He worked in Planning, had responsibility for Government Affairs and was GM for BCAL Aircraft Trading. He also conceived, developed and ran the Airlink operation between Gatwick and Heathrow.

After a short period with BA post merger, he moved to consultancy for a while before becoming Director of Aviation Strategy for Mott McDonald. He was Aviation Adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport from 1987-2005, and the adviser to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Aviation until 2015. He was Chairman of the government’s Red Tape Challenge Panel on General Aviation from 2013 to 2015 and then was an adviser to Grant Shapps, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation, which has over 170 members across both Houses of Parliament.

He was often called upon to comment on aviation economic and policy issues by the BBC and other media.

Most recently, it was Laurie’s idea to get the iconic livery of British Caledonian in the skies once again. This was achieved firstly with Robin Washingon’s aircraft, and now the livery is also seen on Piper Archer G-CHIP, which Laurie part- owned. Sadly he never got to fly in CHIP, but it serves as a fitting legacy to him as well as our much loved British Caledonian Airways.

From Bill Ashpole
I had great difficulty in accepting the news - I thought that I had misread it - What a tragedy made worse by the fact that Laurie had fought so valiantly. My commiserations to everyone who knew him.

From Terry Liddiard : It was a huge shock, RIP Laurie - I fear that it may also mean RIP Northolt

From Alan Reeves : So sad to hear this news, RIP
From Kris Massie : Oh how sad and so brave, rest peacefully Laurie x

From Marjorie Anglesea Jackson : I knew Laurie only by name, may he RIP. You write a wonderful tribute to him, Richard...

From Bob Lillywhite
So sad to hear the news. Laurie was the guy who sponsored me for the Chartered Institute of Transport membership. A really great person who will be sadly missed by all who knew him. A fantastic tribute Richard. RIP Laurie

From Debbie Cornford : So sorry to hear this. Condolences to Laurie' s family and friends. RIP xxx

From Nigel Elliott : Dreadful news - great colleague. RIP

From Peter Kenworthy
Laurie was my first and last boss in full time aviation employment (BCAL & Mott MacDonald). He will be sadly missed. RIP Laurie.

From Ian Jones : I remember Laurie from Airlink days. Sorry to hear of his passing RIP

From Ian Colgan : So sorry to hear the news Richard but thanks for your great tribute.

From David Hicks : Will miss seeing Laurie. May he rest in peace.

From Roy Sexton : Sad to hear that news it was a pleasure to have known Laurie RIP

From Fran Cox
I am crushed! I used to work across the hall from Laurie at Caledonian House. He was a true gentleman. He was funny, sublime, artistic, sweet, witty, and very smart. When my father was diagnosed as terminal he received the kindest letter from Laurie. I was recently coming to the realization that I am getting old and hence so were my contemporaries. Laurie was on my list of people to reconnect with before we start getting even older. I'm crushed we never will speak again. Godspeed Laurie, you were one in a million.

From George Banks : Sincere condolences to his family. So sad he was always pleasant RIP

From Rohan Alce : Very sad news. RIP Laurie.

From Bryan Reburn
I am so sorry to hear of the death of Laurie. He was such a pleasant and friendly person and a real professional business man. My condolences to all his family and friends.

From Nick Ellis
Very sad news. I met Laurie through his involvement with BCal Commuter Services and he was always supportive of the section and a believer in the principle of commuter feed to the main line

From Neil Warringer
Condolences, he was good friend and colleague. We did the Gatwick Branch of the Institute of Transport together. He was very prominent in local matters in the Gatwick and Horsham area as well

From David Groom : Such sad news. RIP Laurie.

From James Devlin : Very sad news he was a true gentleman and a very clever man. RIP God Bless

From David Williams
I’m so sorry to hear this Laurie was a wonderful person in so many ways RIP SIR. please pass my condolences to his family

From Cheryl Carey : Very sad news RIP Laurie

From Jeff Youtan
Fitting tribute Richard. He was a good mate and both Tricia and I will miss him. Our condolences to Barbara and all his family.

From David Manton : Shocked and saddened to hear this news. I always had such respect for Laurie. RIP

From Rob Derr
Sorry to hear this sad news. I met Laurie when I was a young lad working in BCAL Planning in the early 80’s, he was always patient and generous with his time and advice. Thoughts go to his family and friends.

From Susie Douglas-Smith : My thoughts are with his family at these sad times

From Caron Phillips : RIP Laurie, and my condolences to his family and friends

From Trevor Fisher : Condolences to his family

From Glynne Tucker : Very sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends

From Anne Winckworth
Such sad news we knew Laurie at BCal and through primary school as our boys were there with his boys . Thinking of Barbara and his family

From Chris Chalk
I had the privilege of having worked and travelled with Laurie during his consultancy years.  Hearing the dulcet tones of Laurie on the BBC on many occasions reflected his immense knowledge, passion, objectivity and being a safe pair of hands. Passionate about fairness, frustrated by process and tenacious to all challenges.  Instant and infectious sense of humour as well as giving time to those needing assistance always before himself. Not just a friend and colleague but someone who really made a difference in improving the industry that he was so passionate about.  All condolences to Barbara and family.

From Clare Vickers
My sincere condolences go to Barbara and family. Laurie was a highly respected man and I know he will be greatly missed. I personally had many interesting conversations with him.

From Nigel Winton
I first met Laurie when he joined 1069 Squadron Air Training Corps a very long time ago, we were cadets together there and became firm friends from that time. Over the years he still maintained an interest in the squadron and often visited us, including sponsoring some prizes for cadets. Through his work with BCal he arranged for support to the Jail Breaks we did back in the 80’s which got the team out to Spain twice. When BCal was taken over by BA he arranged for some memorabilia to go with the ex BCal DC10 seats, also arranged by Laurie, we have at the squadron and this now can be found in our Caledonian Room. He was always trying to find ways in which he could help the squadron. From a personal perspective I have lost a very good friend and will miss our discussions about all things aviation. Farewell my friend, keep flying high with blue skies and fair winds.

From Christina Selmes
Very sad news. I worked with Laurie in Planning and he was a great person to work with. R.I.P. Laurie and condolences to his family

From Cherry Perkins : so sorry to hear this news. R.I.P Laurie

From Coreen Wilcox
: So sad. Condolences to Laurie's wife, family and friends

From Elizabeth English
So sorry to hear this sad news. A true gentleman, I was only thinking of Laurie this week remembering how tirelessly he worked to help us on the North Atlantic routes. Rest in Peace, Laurie, and love and condolences your family

From Elizabeth Figueiredo : Very sad news. Rest in peace

From David R Holder
Very sad news indeed. Laurie started at the company working in Planning with me and the rest of the small team. He was always a very keen ambitious and lovely young man and progressed very quickly. My sincere condolences go to his wife, sons and family; he was a true aviation professional. RIP Dear Laurie

From Penelope Hilton : Condolences to his family. RIP Laurie

From Frank Skilbeck : A true professional with whom it was a pleasure to work. RIP

From Maureen Simpson
It was a great privilege to have worked for Laurie and support him for many years. He inspired my interest in aviation.  He always had time for me and gave me many opportunities to learn and develop.  Always prepared to stand up against unnecessary process and always willing to question and command attention.  A natural on camera and I’m sure his number was on fast dial at the BBC.  He even came to see me when I was gravely ill. My last experience was his willingness to give of his time to take me up in his plane flying out of Horsham International for a charity dear to my heart.  He was so accommodating.  I will miss him very much, and will cherish my time spent getting to know him and will never forget the things he taught me.  Rest in Peace Mr Laurie ‘Maverick’ Price. You will be sorely missed.

From John Haffenden
I have been struggling to come up with any words to express my thoughts at this time . Just words are not enough to say how passionate Laurie was about all areas of aviation. He was a fantastic friend, and always ready to offer his advice and experience to so many causes.

From Chris Whittle
Laurie was a tenacious and passionate person with a huge breadth of knowledge about the industry he loved.  He was wonderful to work with and learn from.  The air transport industry has lost a great advocate and campaigner.  I have lost a true friend. RIP Laurie

From Andy Perkins
The only heartening element is that Laurie had his family with him. Such a dynamic and passionate individual who will be sorely missed. His drive and enthusiasm to encourage the next generation into aviation careers was infectious. My thoughts are with all his family.

From Trevor Warburton : Very sad indeed. He was a very clever lad indeed and a nice man

From Fiona Herdman-Smith
I am much saddened to think Laurie is no longer with us.  In my head are many happy times listening to him debate and discuss a wide range of subjects and ideas with his usual panache. 

From Andy Geary Stevens
Very sad. I got to know Laurie very well when we worked alongside each other in BCAL Planning and became good friends. I didn’t know he had been battling cancer for so long but it is still a shock to lose a friend and colleague.

From Michael Fletcher
So very sad to hear the news of Laurie's passing. He was always very helpful, interesting and friendly at our wonderful airline and I'm so glad we remained in contact ever since. Rest In Peace Laurie.

From Nick Coleman
Just a few words for a passionate aviation man that really did have impact on the industry and his actions will live on in the future!  A sharp intellect that challenged norms and a fiercely independent nature that made him a formidable advocate on aviation related issues as British Airways knows!  Kindly gave his time frequently to my university aviation studies course and loved to pass on his knowledge and passion on the subject of commercial aviation to young people.  A great loss to the industry that needs good practical solutions and a very good man to know and work with! His passion for BCal was legendary and he even latterly magically linked a tribute band for the Beach Boys to BCal by requesting the singing of Caledonian Girls at venues around the country with ex BCal cabin crew in uniform on stage just to keep the flag flying and for the benefit of the Golden Lion's Trust. 

From Robert Orridge : Laurie was one of life's Gentlemen. Always a pleasure to meet and work with. RIP

From Bryan Reburn :  One of the best. RIP Laurie

From Hazel Wilkins (nee Parker)
Very sad news. I knew Laurie in the good old BUA days; he was always there for a chat and a laugh. My thoughts are with his family. Always in our thoughts and never to be forgotten. R. I. P Laurie much love xx

From Peter & Sue Smith
It was sad to learn of Laurie’s death. By all accounts, he was indomitable in remaining very actively involved in aviation, despite his cancer. He, as much as anyone, remained committed to the memory of British Caledonian thirty years on. And he was an enthusiast and advocate for the development of civil aviation locally and around the world. Our condolences to Barbara and their sons.

From Paul Goodwin
Sad to hear the news, my condolences to Laurie's family. I worked with Laurie way back in BCAL Planning days, then over the years with companies and projects he was involved with. A good teacher, I learned a lot from Laurie. RIP

From Gordon Coleman
Laurie was a bright light for us all - he will be greatly missed by all who worked with him. The co-owner of a light aircraft he flew out of Slinfold International, passing overhead my holding in Itchingfield on departure - he once  said that he would waggle his wings when he saw me in the fields below and a couple of days later I looked up to see an aircraft doing a barrel-roll directly overhead. I didn't see him afterwards to check if it was him  but I shall always be sure it was. RIP Laurie

From Peter Forbes
I was sorry to learn of Laurie’s untimely death.  He and I worked together at BCal and later in consultancy when we were often on opposite sides of the fence.  Laurie was highly respected across the UK aviation sector and was one of the UK’s leading speakers at industry conferences and events. He’ll certainly be missed.

From Derek Illman
I was sorry to hear of Laurie's passing, he was one of the most conscientious and reliable people I have ever known or worked with. My condolences to Barbara and their family.

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