The Jennifer Allen Gallery  (Now Jennifer Robinson)

The following photos were sent in by Jenny and I am pleased to be able to show them here
This is my induction 1971; I think we were still Caledonia/BUA.  I was on the 707 fleet. Others joined on the VC10 fleet and wore BUA uniform. I had been ground hostess with BUA and was keen to go into tartan! So many familiar faces but not many names

Jenny is 6th in from the right, back row.  Next to me, 5th in is Leslie Warrell. (She got left on a beach somewhere when we flew out because she thought the flight was 8pm not 8 am). Next to her, 4th in, is Phyllis Tinkler. Sue Allen is 4th in from right middle row.  Rita Quinn of course (front row, left)
If you recognise any of those in the AB photo, please drop me a line anytime and I can add in their names
Below, two of me looking a bit more cheerful, taken by my Dad, 1979. This was around the time I became pregnant with my twins and left flying.
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British Caledonian - A Tribute