The Jeanette Nathan Gallery

The following photos were kindly submitted by Jeanette, and I am pleased to be able to show them here
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Photo taken at the 1986 IFALPA conference in London - where Princess Michael of Kent spoke.

Left to right we have Captain Mike Wallis, ?, Jeanette and Captain Geoff Jensen
.......And now for something completely different ......'GLAD's LEG' The Golden Lion Amateur Dramatics, Light Entertainment Group'

The GLAD LEG did 2 years of Xmas nutty stuff, Jeanette being the only aircrew.......the other cast were Red Caps & Load Controllers

Mr Coleman talking, Val Westgate at the piano
Mr Coleman talking, Val Westgate at the piano
The Company of GLAD LEG's
The Company of GLAD LEG's
Richard Friend
Richard Friend
And we finish with Jeanette visiting the port engine of a DC10.
Left to right we have:-

Clive Clemson,  Jeanette Nathan, Laurie Evans, Philip Nathan (Jeanette's brother) and Arthur Westgate
What can you say....but I bet the audience were having a ball.

Clive Clemson, Richard Friend, Arthur Westgate, Trevor Fisher, John Meighan and the guy playing guitar is Paul Holden.

The chaps were Redcaps and Load Controllers in those days and the venue was the Brighton Metropole Hotel.
British Caledonian - A Tribute