John Prothero-Thomas : aka JPT  Planning Director
It is with sadness we learn that John, widely known as JPT, passed away on 15th October 2020. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues at this difficult time.

John's area of expertise was Planning & Marketing, and he was Planning Director, and he was popular and well liked. Sadly his wife, Betty, passed in 2018

Service details

John's service was held on 22nd December 2020, and was inline with Covid restrictions

The family have kindly sent through a recording made of the service

And this is available to download and watch  here
John Remembered

From Sally Simmonds:
Very sad to hear. I remember his name from the old days.

From Caron Phillips: RIP JPT and my condolences to his family and friends

From Phil Bowell
John was a wonderful man and one of the most comfortable people to be around - you always got the distinct impression he appreciated all you did and all the team did. RIP JPT - your commitment to and support of the BCAL family should never be underestimated.

From Peter Smith
John was the most lovely, funny man and it was marvelous working for and with him in BCal at a mostly magical time for UK aviation

From Dick Holder
Sad news re JPT, another of  those great BCAL family members who has passed on to join the family on yonder in the skies! JPT was a real gentleman aviation professional, great to work for and to work with. Treated us all with great respect. Sincere condolences to his family and friends RIP JPT

From Phil Baker
Lovely bloke and the only really senior official to visit/stay in the house, with me and Sarah when we were in Ghana. Wrote a fabulous report on the visit. Definitely one of the best!

From Fiona Herdman-Smith
Such sad news.  As soon as I saw JPT's name in my inbox, up came lovely images and great memories - fun times.  Sending best wishes and a smile, to each and everyone as we reminisce. 

From Nicholas Mercer: Sad news.  I feel the same way as the others he was such a lovely person.

From Mike Bathgate
Really sad news. A truly lovely man, and an inspiration to all of us who had the fortune to work for him. Very special memories.

From Jacqueline Dillmann: What a sad news. JPT was such a nice man, I loved his sense of humour, may he RIP

From Trevor Boud
Another very sad moment. I very much respected John with his industry experience and calm manners. He was great to work with.

From Ranald Noel-Paton
This is dreadfully sad news. JPT was an inspiring man in his inimitable way; clear thinking and always encouraging. I am proud to have worked for him....a dear man. I think we will all feel the same way.

From George Banks
So sorry to hear this. He was much respected and his knowledge and advice particularly  to me was always of great use and tactfully said. I felt that he was a level headed and very wise in his reasoning and a great director. RIP JPT and condolences to his family.

From Leonard Bebchick: Very sad news. JPT was in a class by himself and I have great memories.

From Trevor Warburton
So sorry to hear this news. He was a remarkable person, and a good boss to me under the most difficult situations. RIP JPT

From David Richardson: He was such a great boss and outstanding industry figure. And a very very fine man.

From Simon Ames
We are all blessed by knowing him and working with him. He was wise and charming, inspiring in his job and with a lovely gift of sharp wit. We shall remember him always.

From Brian Culver
Sad news. JPT was a true gentleman and highly respected by all who knew him. I feel honoured to have worked with him and for him. Another fine BCAL colleague lost, very sad.

From Bob Coleman
Such sad news - JPT was not only a brilliant colleague to work with but had an unfailing ability to raise our spirits when the going got tough. RIP JPT

From Tim Clark: Sad news on JPT’s passing. I know he will be greatly missed.

From Bob Millichap
I was so sorry to hear of JPT’s passing and he will be very sadly missed. He was a real gent and a consummate aviation professional both in his airline career and with the aerospace manufacturing industry before that.

One thing folks might not be aware from JPT’s BAC days is his membership of the exclusive ‘Caterpillar Club’ for those who have been saved by the silk of a parachute. He was a flight test engineer on a Valiant bomber sortie when it literally fell apart in mid air leaving him sitting at his workstation with nothing between his seat and desk unit and the mosaic of the southern English landscape thousands of feet below. It was a really hairy situation but one he merely described as being “most uncomfortable” in that characteristically humorous and understated way that was so typical of JPT.

From Tony Cocklin: Sad news. John always had a ‘get up and get on with it’ attitude. A lovely man.

From John Bailey: Very sad to hear...such a well liked guy...RIP

From Sally Ann Beischer
Very sorry to hear this news; JPT was a lovely man. I last saw him at Alastair Pugh’s Memorial at Brooklands in March 2019. My condolences to all his family.

From Christina Selmes: RIP JPT. A lovely man to work with. My condolences to all his family and friends

From Charles Powell
Very sad to hear of JPT's death. It is certainly right to record that he was very strongly associated with the BAC 1-11, having been a major part of the manufacturer's sales team prior to his joining BCAL. In BCAL he was a fine colleague and team leader. He will be much missed.

From Charles Goodrich: A sad day, the loss of another BCAL director

From Frank Skilbeck:
Saddened by this news and in touch with the family; Matthew and Joulia. To me, JPT was not only a very supportive boss, he was someone I proudly called my friend. Over the years we corresponded with one another particularly at Christmas time. A man whose honesty and sincerity shone brightly, JPT also had a finely-honed sense of humour. Working with him was a pleasure. I recall being with him at a trade union meeting on one occasion. Across the table the union's lead delegate's surname was Thomas. Turning to me, John said, "I think we'll be okay with this gentleman". "What makes you say that?" I asked. "Because he thinks, like himself, that I come from the Welsh valleys." Be at peace John with your beloved Betty.

From Ianthe Cox
I am very sorry to hear that JPT has died. I worked with him in Planning and it was a great time. He was a good boss and great to travel with, especially our memorable trips to Nigeria. I send my deep condolences to his family.

From Ray & Pat Jackson: So sorry to hear the sad news, a lovely man and a gentleman.

From Jeff Youtan: Sorry to learn of JPT's passing. A wise man, so easy to talk to and a good listener. He made a difference!

From Andy Bridgeman
I was very sad to hear of JPT’s passing. As others have said, such a lovely man, highly respected in the industry, and really great to work for - my best boss! One enduring memory was a research trip by a few of us to Mauritania, West Africa, led by John, as a possible stop on the BAC 1-11 Safari service. When we were up to our armpits in Sahara sand, John’s endless humour kept us going!

From Ron Lewis
J.P-T was both a colleague and good friend. I looked at my photo  of the BCAL board taken in the late 70's. Of the twelve pictured only Trevor and I are left. (I don't know about Duncan Haws who is pictured does anyone have news?). As I wake each morning, I thank God for another day.

From Coreen Wilcox: Sorry to hear of the passing of John Prothero-Thomas, another well respected Director

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