The Ivan Parrilla Gallery

The following photo was kindly sent in by Ivan, and shows the San Juan team and I am pleased to be able to show it here

San Juan was BCal's first destination in the Caribbean
The original San Juan (Puerto Rico) British Caledonian staff are joined by Alastair Pugh and Bruce Langham.
The photo was taken at the San Juan office by a BCAL staff photographer in October 1981

San Juan was a stop on the South American routes and was first flown on 24th October 1981

left to right we have
Ivan Parrilla, Ramon Ferreira, Reinaldo Perez, Xiomara Soto, Hector Rodriguez, Diana Sanabria, Felix Rodriguez,
Alastair Pugh, Bruce Langham, Idalia Pujals and Cecilia Alvarez

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