The Iona Jones Gallery (now Iona Williams)

The following photos were sent in by Iona and I am pleased to be able to show them here
Back row
?, ?, ?, John Roberts, Paul Fogg, ?, ?, ?, ? and Iona

Front Row
Dawn Lee, Elenor Ricketts,?, ?, ?, Rosemary Christieson, ? and ?

Rosemany (is now Woolley) and thought living in Utah

If you recognise any of those above, please drop me a line at
Iona & Rosemary on the left and 2 classmates
Some of the Class of May 1976
South American flight '76-'77 with Linda, Iona and Pauline.....with 707 G-AXRS.
L.A. flight 1976-'77
Las Palmas - circa 1977
If you recognise any of Iona's crewmates, please drop me a line anytime
Penny Brentnall (blonde hair / white blouse) and Penny recalls that Back row left was the Chief Steward, Roy Shaw And far right was the First Officer who she thinks was Ken ?  The Capt. was bottom left
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