If Only.....BCal in 2020
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Now every so often something comes along that brings a bit of a lump to the throat and the mind drifts away to what might have been.

Gatwick Airport was celebrating its 50th Anniversary from its opening at the original site; centred around the Beehive terminal.

To commemorate this milestone the local newspaper, The Argus, ran a Gatwick Golden Anniversary special in July 1980.

Now back in 1980, BCal was ten years old. The problems of the mid-70s had been weathered, the DC10 fleet was coming online, revenues were growing, the Airline of the Year award was on its way in 1983 and the collapse of the South American market was a few years off still......and this advert ran in that special Gatwick edition.......the only place I have ever seen it.

BCal in 2020....a super advert and one full of confidence for the future, sadly the future is never certain. But take heart in another BCal first.

BCal were the first British independent airline to think of space flight (sorry Richard). 
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