B707 : BCal Lease G-AYVG

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While rummaging around in the books I came across a mention of a very short-term lease of a B707.

G-AYVG would have had been noticeable in her Libyan Arab livery. Though hard to see on this image, just to the rear of the nose wheel is some writing which says "On charter to British Caledonian".

Does anyone remember this one?  Did she stay in basic Libyan livery?  Was the charter for a special need? Any and all info much appreciated.
G-AYVG on charter to British Caledonian - July / August 1976   www.british-caledonian.com
Info added July update 2013

As with all good searches into these little recorded leases, there are two schools of thought. One suggests that AYVG was with BCal for 2 months and one suggests she was with BCal for nearly a year. Both are below of course

Though I am thinking that if she was with BCal for a year she would have been liveried up in some fashion, even if only the tail, and somewhere within that year a photo would have been taken.........none have been found to date. So Im leaning towards the 2 month lease July - August 1976.

All thoughts welcome of course.....and photos, of course, of G-AYVG
Boeing 707-321 first flew on the 25 September 1959 and was delivered to PAN AM as N720PA. It remained with PAN AM until December 1970 when it was leased to Donaldson. Whilst in Donaldson Service it was wet leased to Iraqi Airways for a brief period in May 1974.

Also spent time on wet lease to Polafern of Iceland and it appears the aircraft was with them when Donaldson collapsed. After being repossessed by PAN AM the Aircraft remained on the British Register and served with British Midland.

This was the start of a series of adventures as the Aircraft went on short leases to: East African Airways, Zambia Airways, Syrian Arab, PIA, Malaysian, Nigerian Airways, Britannia Airways, Libyan Arab.

This was followed by a lease to British Caledonian Airways where the aircraft remained for almost a year, before moving on to Kenya Airways where it also remained for around a year, before moving onto Kuwait Airways for its final lease in May 1979.  On the 22 July 1980 the Aircraft was delivered to Jet Power Inc as N3791G and was withdrawn from use and later scrapped.
G-AYVG - History Version 1
G-AYVG - History Version 2
Version 1 appears to miss the lease to Polafern (Aug 74 - Feb 75), and it does look like Version 2 may have missed the lease to Nigeria Airways, which would then look like she was leased to BCal for nearly a year, so chances are that explains the difference in histories. 

The recorded histories can get very murky, especially when an aircraft has flitted from carrier to carrier as much as this 707. But all histories agree she has been scrapped, though one reference records that happening in Miami.......and another in Manston, Kent................unless you know more of course?
My thanks to all for the replies to date.......I hope the above adds some more to the discussion.....always happy to hear more