British Caledonian Engineering
Here we have two super brochures promoting the Engineering Operations of British Caledonian. With expertise that saw many engineering firsts undertaken, even some on their 747's that Boeing came to watch.

These were kindly sent in by Keith Ambridge for all to see.
I hope you enjoyed the brochures, and please, if you recogonise anyone in them
please drop me a line anytime,

British Caledonian Engineering - A total service to the airlines of the world

BCal undertook a large amount of engineering work at Gatwick for other airlines, from overhaul, maintenance, engine changes and much more. This brochures focuses on the skilled engineering available
British Caledonian Engineering

The airlines in BCal's lineage had undertaken their aircraft engineering in house, decades of experience was eventually brought together in the Engineering base at Gatwick. There were very few tasks, if any, they could not undertake in house at Gatwick and this brochure provides a snap shot of the Engineering Team and their work