The David Spencer Gallery Pt 1

David has kindly shared some photos following a rummage in to his loft. Super items, and just goes to show what may be residing in up there!
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Now the Concorde.........we think this is from around 1971.

Just before the takeover BUA were pushing a huge route expansion (the Four Phase Plan) and parts of that called for supersonic ops.

Concorde had yet to enter service, but had flown, and I am wondering if the newly formed Cale//BUA teams continued elements of the BUA supersonic ops plans. I certainly found info on plans by Caledonian and BUA for Concorde ops right in to the early 1970s. Seems they may have continued on a bit, possibly until the oil crisis in 1974.

This model, made by Westway, pre-dates the later BCal proposal to operate one of the then two unsold Concorde aircraft.  You will see it does not have the yellow cheatline, but does have the original Lion Rampant and upper case titles.
A Space Models 1/100th scale Boeing 747 model
and then there is this one.......
As always, any thoughts on this one welcome, and maybe you have something like this in your loft too?
British Caledonian - A Tribute