B707 N82TF. 

I went to collect this aircraft from Manston where it had been stored for 4 months.

The last pilots had taken some of the instruments as they hadn't been paid so we borrowed some from the Laker 707ís that were stored at LGW after Lakerís demise.

I think this was an ex-Cathay model which was the same as some of the Laker fleet. It had been bought by a chap who transported horses.

I was involved in fitting an Omega Navigation system to it and I seem to remember it had a load of skin work mainly fitting dome head rivets to the skin lap joints around the front end. I know we removed a lot of avionic stuff for access.

The aircraft with the fire engines around it was a Lockheed T33  (ex Danish airforce) that was rebuilt in Hangar 3.

But it lost itís steering and brakes on the taxiway by hangar 6 on itís way out for itís first test flight !
BAC 1-11 HZ-MAM (cn 259) in Hangar 3 at Gatwick

This 1-11 was privatley operated by Sheikh M. Al Midani
BAC 1-11 HZ-MFA (cn 080) outside Hangar 1 at Gatwick

This 1-11 was privatley operated by Prince Abdul Aziz (1977-81)
It was white when we collected it so it was repainted as well. An  ex Laker 707 pilot was paid £100 cash to fly it from Manston to Gatwick with an ex-Laker  flight engineer and the chap that paid them played first officer although I donít think he could fly !  

I decided to return by road as I didn't want to read about the accident in Flight! The storage bill we paid was £4000 in cash before we could have ground power  at Manston!
The Dave Surry Gallery Pt 3

The following photos were kindly sent in by Dave and I am pleased to be able to show them here

This gallery features some of the external client aircraft BCal engineers worked on
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